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Fraud and Computer Crimes

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As technology advances, so do the methods that criminals use to commit their crimes. Computers, e-mail and the Internet are used more and more as a tool to commit criminal acts.

The Computer Crime Division investigates these types of crimes. Currently, one detective is assigned to this unit. Outside resources are used quite often to keep up with the constantly expanding technology. The Washington State Patrol has a forensic computer lab, which is used to analyze data on computers that have been seized as evidence. Through their advanced technology, data that was erased by a suspect to avoid detection can often be retrieved to make a case.

Some of the computer crimes that have been investigated by the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office include:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Child Pornography
  • Voyeurism
  • Computer Hacking
  • Harassment
Cyber Crime

We have taken part in a number of undercover operations over the Internet with one notable case which had links to Europe. This exhibits the increasing potential for becoming victimized by criminals worldwide. See the brochure provided by the FBI regarding Mass Marketing Fraud.

There are many types of fraud and white-collar crimes. The crime most commonly investigated involves checks forgery. Often, checks are stolen from the mail, unattended purses, during vehicle prowls or burglaries. When a criminal gets their hands on your checkbook, they can obtain thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise in a very short time.

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Another trend that we are seeing more often is identity theft. These are the cases that go beyond just forging a few checks. The criminal obtains enough of your information to open bank and credit card accounts, posing as you. Using these fraudulently acquired accounts, the criminal proceeds to cause extensive financial losses to unsuspecting businesses while at the same time destroying your personal credit. The victims of identity theft often have to spend months and even years trying to reclaim their good credit.

The majority of the suspects involved in these types of crimes are street level drug abusers. They need money to support their habits, so they look to the easiest and quickest means possible.

The Sheriff’s Office sponsors a monthly fraud meeting with banks, retail loss prevention officers and other law enforcement agencies (including local, FBI, Naval and US Postal) where participants network together in an effort to combat fraud. Because these criminals also travel outside our area to commit their crimes, regular contacts are made with other fraud investigators around the Puget Sound area to share information on criminal activity and trends. Talks are also given to different groups or organizations looking for information on how to combat the problem and avoid becoming a victim of fraud and computer crimes.

Last Updated:  August 11, 2014

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