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Last Updated: 9/1/2015 11:55:01 AM

Released in Last 24 hours

Name Book Num Date Released

ARPS, WILLIAM MICHAEL2015005450 08/31/2015 4:49PM
BALE, JOHN MICHAEL2015005211 09/01/2015 11:15AM
BARTKOWSKI, KENNETH JOSEPH2015005471 09/01/2015 9:53AM
BEAL, TONYA JEAN2015005476 08/31/2015 8:27PM
BENTLEY, RYAN ANTHONY2015005463 08/31/2015 3:53PM
BOYER, PAUL MICHAEL2015005451 08/31/2015 4:33PM
BRANDENBURG, ANTHONY JAMES2015004655 09/01/2015 11:19AM
CLIMER, WILLIAM THOMAS JACOB2015005456 08/31/2015 1:22PM
COLLINS, DONNA YOUNG OON2015005483 09/01/2015 2:49AM
CONNORS, MATTHEW STEPHEN2015005490 09/01/2015 9:15AM
DEBOCK, MICHAEL GLENN2015005422 08/31/2015 4:00PM
DUDEK, CHRISTOPHER ANDREW2015005046 09/01/2015 8:12AM
ELDRIDGE, SKYLER LYLE2015005455 08/31/2015 4:34PM
GEORGE, KYLE DEAN2015004327 09/01/2015 8:23AM
GERHING, ZENIN RUSSELL2015005405 08/31/2015 9:02PM
GRAY, JESSICA ANN2015005335 08/31/2015 12:52PM
GUTIERREZ, HERBERT 2015005464 08/31/2015 4:33PM
HALL, VICTORIA MICHELLE2015005227 08/31/2015 1:03PM
HUATO, NAOMI 2015005390 08/31/2015 12:55PM
HUTCHERSON, MALIK L2015005489 09/01/2015 7:13AM
JERMAN, CHRISTOPHER T2015005453 08/31/2015 4:33PM
JOHNSON, AARON ALLEN2015005323 09/01/2015 7:38AM
JOHNSON, PATRICK R2015005217 09/01/2015 8:10AM
JONES, DENON MANSEL2015005454 08/31/2015 4:34PM
KEYS, DANIEL L2015005412 08/31/2015 3:58PM
LANDON, MICHAEL LEROY2015005167 09/01/2015 8:16AM
LEROUE, DESIREE COLETTE2015005095 08/31/2015 12:57PM
MILLS, NATHANIEL DAVID2015005447 08/31/2015 8:45PM
OBRIEN, SHAWN PATRICK2015004289 09/01/2015 8:14AM
PANTANO, MICHELLE IRENE2015005420 08/31/2015 4:50PM
PAVLIS, ERIC DAVID2015005437 09/01/2015 7:46AM
PETERSON, COREY MICHAEL2015005411 08/31/2015 6:10PM
REGNIER, JOSHUA MICHAEL2015005486 09/01/2015 10:46AM
ROCKWELL, JAMES STEPHEN2015005459 08/31/2015 1:41PM
ROGERS, CHARLES RICHARD2015005462 08/31/2015 4:49PM
SEABOLT, JUSTIN JAMES2015005460 08/31/2015 8:45PM
SPAULDING, NATHAN WAYNE2015005279 08/31/2015 3:51PM
STROMBERG, SCOTT ANDREW2015003779 09/01/2015 11:28AM
STULTZ, JASON LEE2015005210 09/01/2015 7:38AM
TREMLETT, KORY ALLEN VINCENTE2015004811 08/31/2015 1:18PM
VINES, JAMES ROBERT2015005415 08/31/2015 1:20PM
WELLS ROWLAND, BRYAN ANTHONY2015004824 08/31/2015 9:33PM
WEST, ERNEST LEE2015005481 08/31/2015 8:49PM
WHITTIER, KENNETH FLOYD2015005353 08/31/2015 4:17PM
YATES, JENNIFER RUTH2015005417 09/01/2015 7:17AM
Last Updated:  June 17, 2015

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