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CrimeReports is an excellent tool to assist with communication between the Sheriff's Office and citizens about crime in our neighborhoods and the entire unincorporated area of Kitsap County.


Important notice about CrimeReports:

1.  Crime report titles displayed in CrimeReports are determined by sheriff's patrol deputies / detectives, based upon their investigation.  The crime report title may differ from what was originally reported to 9-1-1 by complainants / victims / witnesses 

2.  In order to protect victims of certain sensitive crimes, the following crime titles will not be displayed:

  • Crimes involving victims under age 18.

  • Domestic violence crimes.

  • Crimes involving sexual assault or abuse.

3.  Reported crime incidents are rounded to the nearest hundred block number.  The map report location is an estimate based upon this block number.

Navigating CrimeReports:

1.  There are three menu options on the top right-

  • Date Range-

    • You can select the last 3,7,14,or 30 days

    • Or you can pick any date range in the last 6 months

    • Data is only saved in this database for the last 6 months

  • Incident Layers-

    • You can select what type of crimes you want displayed

    • Remember not all crimes are displayed to protect certain victims

  • Map Layers-

    • Neighborhood layers and law enforcement layers are turned off until we can set them up at a later date.

    • However, you can use the alerts/update button to be kept up to date on happenings in your neighborhood.

 2.  Above these three menu options are two more buttons-

  • Create an alert/update-

    • This feature will email you when new crimes are reported in your selected area.

    • First create an account so the program can email you the results of your request

    • Second zoom in your map to the area you want to monitor

    • Click on Create an alert/update

    • A menu will appear on the left

    • Click customize

    • Choose how often you want to be updated and what crimes you want to be updated on

    • We currently do not use the alerts feature in this software.  For alerts from the sheriff’s office email the PIO with a request to be added to the distribution list.

    • Name your alert, you can set up more than one alert

    • Click save my alert and your done

  • Submit a tip about a crime-

    • Click on the button and follow the directions with regard to location---select city/region not listed--- then complete the form.

    • Your tip will get to Kitsap County through National Crime Stoppers. 

Last Updated:  January 17, 2017

If you have an emergency or need a Deputy to respond, do not email. Call 911.

If you would like to be notified of new media releases, please contact:
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