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Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit enforces traffic laws, investigates motor vehicle collisions, assists motorists and educates the public about reducing traffic collisions and injuries. They investigate major and fatal traffic collisions, assist with educational programs in the community, patrol school zones, investigate motor vehicle collisions, conduct speed enforcement, and work DUI saturation patrol. The unit is comprised of one traffic supervisor and seven deputies.

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Voluntary compliance with traffic laws is encouraged through the use of public education. Unfortunately, experience shows us that traffic law enforcement must also be part of an effective traffic safety program. The county has provided traffic officers to make a visible deterrent to potential traffic violators; and to observe and cite those violating traffic laws and endangering themselves and others.

Every traffic patrol vehicle is equipped with moving and stationary radar, and a large amount of collision investigation equipment. The unit also utilizes motorcycles, which provide both moving and stationary radar enforcement. The overall goal of the traffic unit is to reduce motor vehicle collisions and the injuries that result from them.

For investigations of Serious Injury or Fatality Collisions, the Traffic Unit responds with a van that carries sophisticated measuring equipment for documenting the collision scene. The van also carries a gas generator for portable lighting, along with numerous other investigation tools and supplies.

The measuring equipment is called a "Total Station". This device, manufactured by Sokkia, was originally designed as a tool for Surveyors. It has been adapted for use by collision investigators to accurately and expediently document evidence at a collision scene. The traffic officers have also used this to assist the Detectives Division with the documentation of non-traffic crime scenes, such as homicides.

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Last Updated:  August 11, 2014

Traffic Supervisor
Sergeant Mike Merrill

Chief of Patrol
Steve Duckworth

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