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Stormwater Division
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Stormwater Division

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Stormwater Projects

The Kitsap County Stormwater Division protects people, property and natural resources by reducing flooding and stormwater runoff, preserving groundwater quality, restoring fish habitat, and preventing stormwater pollution.

What's Happening Now

  • Stormwater projects can now be located using our new Public Works project page.  Click here to find out more.

  • Dickerson Creek Culvert Replacement and Floodplain Restoration Project: To improve fish passage and reduce flooding, Kitsap County will replace the culverts at Taylor and David Roads and restore stream floodplain habitat. Phase 1 of the project at David Road is complete, and Phase 2 at Taylor Road will be constructed in 2016.  Follow the project here for updates on what to expect during construction.

  • The Clear Creek Floodplain Restoration project would restore the creek’s natural floodplain function, reduce stream flooding, increase instream and riparian habitat, and maintain connections to the Clear Creek pedestrian trail. This project will be constructed in summer 2016. For more project information, click here.

 Highlights From the Past Year

  • How important is clean water, healthy streams and protecting Puget Sound?  See what Kitsap residents had to say about our work to reduce flooding, prevent pollution and restore fish habitat.

  • Water Resource Policy:  Water is a resource and not a waste stream  
    In 2009, the Board of County Commissioners adopted by resolution a new policy treating water as a resource, not a waste stream. This policy establishes a culture of innovative development and operating practices in order to preserve this natural resource on public property. 


Clean Water Kitsap is a multi-agency effort to protect water quality and reduce flooding.   

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