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Manchester Stormwater Retrofit Project

To keep our water clean for swimming, wading and fishing, KitsapMain Street in Manchester
County studied options for improving Manchester’s stormwater infrastructure. 

The Manchester LID Retrofit Plan was completed in May 2012.  Initially, the project was designed to replace an aging and undersized outfall.  However, the County recognized a unique opportunity to treat stormwater from a larger drainage area as well as add some community amenities. 

The proposed stormwater park at Colchester Drive and Main Street will be Kitsap County's first stormwater park.  This park will add high-capacity water quality treatment and create a new public space. The design process for this Community Commons area applied public input to determine some of the appearance and function of the new stormwater park.

The second phase of this project will include
“green” stormwater solutions in the surrounding streets and residential areas. Also called low impact development (LID), these techniques include rain gardens (bioretention). Green infrastructure uses natural features to keep stormwater runoff close to its source. By keeping water on site, green infrastructure reduces flooding, removes pollutants, and replenishes our groundwater.  It can also be used to add green spaces to the neighborhood features, such as sidewalks, trails, and public open space.

For more information contact Chris May or Tim Beachy at 360.337.5777.

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Northwest Cascade, Inc. of Puyallup has been awarded the contract for this project. Work will begin on site in early October.

Stay updated on construction activities and traffic impacts with the Road Report.

Kitsap County's First Stormwater Park                                                                                                         

By soaking up stormwater naturally, we can make a difference in the future health of Puget Sound.

90% design

The design process for the new stormwater park has provided a unique opportunity for input from the public on the park's design. 

 Project Documents

Presentations and Handouts


Drawings and Photos:

Stormwater Park Dedication Celebrate Manchester Stormwater Park Dedication 8/24/13

Anticipated Retrofit Project Schedule                                                                                            

Summer - Fall 2013:   Preliminary design
Fall - Winter 2013:   Community comment process and design input
Winter 2013 - Spring  2014:   Permitting and final design of Phase 1
Fall 2014 - 2015:   Construction of Phase 1
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015:   Final design of Phase 2
Summer - Fall 2015:   Construction of Phase 2

Staff contact:   Chris May, 360.337.5777 or
                        Tim Beachy, 360.337.5777 or

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Updated: 12/15/2014