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Fundraiser Car Wash Program

Fundraiser car washes are an important means for youth and community groups to raise money.  However, runoff from these fundraiser car washes and other vehicle washing can harm water quality unintentionally.  The runoff water from vehicle washing contains detergents and other pollutants that are typically allowed to enter storm drains.  In contrast, wash water from commercial car wash facilities is treated in a sewer system prior to discharge.

Kitsap County offers information about vehicle washing and alternatives to traditional parking lot fundraiser car washes:


Car wash couponCar Wash Coupon Program
The Fundraiser Car Wash Program can help groups meet their fundraising goals by an alternative to the traditional (time consuming and labor intensive) car washes.

Community groups can sell coupons good for a basic wash at any participating automatic car wash.  These coupons can be sold year round and make great gifts! Best of all, there is no risk. Your group pays a reduced rate ($4 per coupon) only for the coupons you sell.  To get started selling coupons, you must contact the Program Administrator at 360.697.1144.  Participating car wash locations for the coupon program are:

Shur Kleen Car Wash
3311 Kitsap Way
Express Car Wash
6301 State Hwy. 303
Mike's Car Wash & Detail
19774 7th Avenue
Express Car Wash
3082 NW Bucklin Hill Road
Madison Mike's Car Wash
499 Madison Avenue
Bainbridge Island
Sedgwick 76
234 Bravo Terrace
Port Orchard
  Olympic 10 Minute Lube & Wash
1445 Olney Avenue
Port Orchard

This program is sponsored by the participating commercial car wash owners and supported by the Education and Outreach staff of Kitsap County Public Works Stormwater Division.

Purchase a Car Wash Kit
Your group or business can purchase a car wash kit to divert the water to the sanitary sewer. These businesses sell car wash kits. Kitsap County does not recommend or endorse these suppliers or their products.

  • Bowhead Environmental & Safety, LLC - 1.800.909.3677
  • EDN Company - 253.589.4659
  • GeoMat Company - 813.936.7992

Staff Contact:  Pat Kirschbaum, Education & Outreach Coordinator


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