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Stormwater Division
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Clean Water Kitsap

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Stormwater Division

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Stormwater Projects

The Kitsap County Stormwater Division protects people, property and natural resources by reducing flooding and stormwater runoff, preserving groundwater quality, restoring fish habitat, and preventing stormwater pollution.

  • Stormwater projects can be located using our new Public Works project page.  Click here

  • The Clear Creek Floodplain Restoration project is restoring the creek’s natural floodplain function, reduces stream flooding, increases instream and riparian habitat, and maintains connections to the Clear Creek pedestrian trail. This project is ongoing.


Clean Water Kitsap is a multi-agency effort to protect water quality and reduce flooding.   

Clean Water Kitsap partners

working together to improve our waterways

Kitsap County Public Works
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