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Stormwater Division
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Clean Water Kitsap

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Site Map - Surface & Stormwater Management Program  

Surface & Stormwater Conveyance System Maps
Storm maps can be accessed through the County's Parcel Search system.  Go to Parcel Search and find the area you are interested in by following the instructions below.

  • When the map appears, look for the “Manage Layers” menu at the left side of the screen. 

  • Under “Choose A Theme”, select “County Utilities”.  Make sure the layer called “Storm” is checked. 

  • You may then zoom in to your desired area, or select/deselect any other layers you may or may not want to see. 


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Drainage Improvements & Maintenance


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Water Quality Monitoring

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Community Involvement

Action Programs - these programs slow the water and reduce pollution. We build relationships with citizens through action programs that result in "on the ground" water quality improvements.

Learning Opportunities - Learn more about stormwater runoff and water quality by participating in a attending presentations, events, and workshops.

Kids’ Activities 


Updated: 01/08/2015
Stormwater Division

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