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Clean Kitsap

Kitsap County collaborates with the County Sheriff, Juvenile Detention, the Kitsap Health District, the local Indian Tribes and Cities to:

  • Clean up litter and illegal dumping from public properties,
  • Assist private property owners with limited resources to clean up accumulated garbage from nuisance properties.

Litter and Illegal Dumping along the Roads is ugly

Submit Electronic Litter or Illegal Dumping Complaint

Litter Clean Up Efforts:

    The Kitsap County Sheriff's Inmate Crew clean up litter from 1,300 road miles each year.
    Individuals or groups can adopt a City or County road to clean up litter. 
    Groups can volunteer to clean up litter from state highways through the Washington State Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway program. The "Alternatives to Detention" program of Kitsap County Juvenile Detention Department cleans litter
    from the median on Highway 3.

Vehicle Removal

  • Abandoned vehicles are investigated by the Kitsap County Sheriff's Citizens on Patrol. Vehicles are tagged and removed within 5 business days.
  • Junk vehicles - we can help you get rid of junk vehicles on your property.

Report Vehicles via Email for Both

Permitted hauling businesses - click here

Prosecution for Litter and Illegal Dumping Violations:

How to Prevent Illegal Dumping

If someone you hire hauls away materials and then dumps them illegally, you may be liable for cleanup costs, as well as the disposal costs. To prevent illegal dumping follow these guidelines:

  • Conduct business with companies properly permitted and licensed to handle materials. Many for-hire companies advertising waste or junk hauling services are not properly permitted. Call the Kitsap Public Health District at 360.728.2235 for a list of permitted hauling businesses.
  • Ask the business where they intend to recycle or dispose of materials. Get a receipt.
  • Be suspicious of ridiculously low disposal prices. This can indicate your waste will be illegally dumped. Pay only one-half of the hauling, disposal, and recycling fees up-front and the remainder after you receive a receipt from a legitimate recycler or disposal site operator.
  • Take preventative measures to limit easy access to your property such as gates or berms. Post "No Dumping" signs on access points to your property. Signs are available at no charge from the Kitsap Public Health District at 360.728.2235.
  • If you suspect someone is improperly disposing of materials, please file an online complaint or call 360.337.5777.

If you have any questions about Clean Kitsap, give us a call.

Kitsap County Public Works
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Updated:  February 08, 2017
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Everyday Kitsap Newsletter

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