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Backyard Composting & Worm Composting

What is composting?
Composting is a natural process of recycling organic materials. Backyard and worm composting speeds up this natural process. You are left with a dark, earthy-smelling soil amendment for building healthy soils, lawns, and gardens. Some people call compost “black gold.”

What is the difference between backyard and worm composting?
Backyard composting is great for yard and garden waste like grass, leaves, and chipped wood. You can put food scraps in a backyard compost pile, but some people worry about food attracting pests.

Worm composting removes that worry. Worm composting is a supplement to backyard composting and can be done on a small scale (even inside an apartment)! Worms eat kitchen scraps and create castings, which people think of as plant “health food.”

Backyard Composting Guides, available to download in PDF format:

Worm Composting Bin Plans & Guides, available to download in PDF format:

If someone you know doesn't have access to the internet and would like a printed publication, call Kitsap 1 at 360-337-5777 or 800-825-4940 and ask for a composting guide to be mailed to you.

Where can I buy compost worms & worm bins locally?

  •  Worm Factory bins are made by a company in Bellingham, WA. Two local retailers sell these worm bins, as well as composting worms.
  •  3 in 1 Worm Ranch, Poulsbo (360) 598-4242 (Local pickup & mail orders)
  • Bay Hay & Feed, Bainbridge Island (206) 842-2813 (Call for Availability)

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Updated:  February 08, 2017
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