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Public Works - Solid Waste Division
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Solid Waste Division

Solid Waste Programs – click here

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News and Events

12-9-16 Christmas Tree Recycling Offered.
Give your unflocked tree a new life by recycling it after the holiday season. Trees are chipped into mulch or compost, which can be returned to the earth as a soil amendment. Santa says "Treecycle your Christmas tree! It's cheaper and better for the environment!" Click here for more details.

Kitsap County offers resource conservation assistance to businesses and institutions Click here for more information

Kitsap County Waste Wise @ Work Program
Kitsap County has a variety of tools that can help your business meet resource conservation goals. Contact us at Kitsap1 360.337.5777 or for more information.

The County offers for free:

▪ Business Recycling Kits
▪ Recycling Containers
▪ Recycling Stickers
▪ Onsite waste evaluations by Recycling Specialist

What Do I Do With It
Local Recyclers for Businesses are listed on the Kitsap County website. 
Waste Wise @ Work application: A free recognition program from Kitsap County for businesses. 

Click here for more information

Out Of Sight. Out of Mind?
Kitsap County Recycles. But how often do we imagine the journey our recycling and garbage take after we leave it in our curbside carts or bring it to a local Recycling and Garbage Facility? This video follows the incredible journey of Kitsap County's waste and brings it into both sight and mind.
To view the video, click here
  The Case of the Stinky Neighbor
There's a burning question for Holmes and Watts - They must follow the clues to solve the mystery of the neighborhood's poor air quality and find a solution.
To view the video, click here
Picture for Case of the Stinky Neighbor
  The Case of the CFLs
Holmes and Watts unravel the mystery of why compact fluorescent bulbs are a good idea and how to properly dispose of them.
To view the video, click here
Picture from Case of the CFLs
  Breaking the Plastics Code
Holmes and Watts decipher the strange symbol on the bottom of plastic containers. Does it mean it's recyclable or is it a clue to...something else?
To view the video, click here
Picture from Breaking the Plastics Code
  The Road to Healthy Public Spaces
Learn from experienced gardeners how to control weeds and pests in your landscaping - the natural way!
To view the video, click here
Picture from Healthy Public Spaces

Kitsap County Public Works
Kitsap1: 360.337.5777

Updated:  February 01, 2017

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