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What Do I Do With It?

Select an item type to view information about where you can donate, recycle, or pay for proper disposal.

  • Please call ahead for any restrictions and limits that may apply.

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  • Remember to cover your load when transporting to reduce highway litter. It is the law!
Category Item
Appliances Large Appliances
  Small Household Appliances
Audio Equipment Audio Equipment
Automotive Abandoned Junk Vehicles
  Automotive Fluids, Other
  Boats & Campers
  Engines & Motors
  Motor Oil
  RV's and Motorhomes
  Vehicles and Parts
Batteries Batteries-Automotive
  Batteries-Household and Rechargeable
Bicycles Bicycles
Bilge Water Bilge Water
Camera and Camera Film Camera and Camera Film
Cars Abandoned Junk Vehicles
Clothing Textiles - Clothing - Fabrics
Common Household Recyclables Aluminum
  Compact Fluorescent Lights
  Fluorescent Tubes
  Food & Yard Waste - Curbside Collection
  Glass Food Containers
  Holiday Lights
  Incandescent Light Bulbs
  Mixed Paper
  Plastic bags
  Plastic Bottles, Jugs, and Dairy Tubs
  Scrap Metal
  Tin Cans
Confidential Media (Only Electronic Media) Confidential Media (Only Electronic Media
Construction, Demolition, and Landclearing Asbestos
  Building Materials
  Carpet and Carpet Pad
  Clean Soil and Mud
  Contaminated Soil
  Heating Oil Tanks
  Lumber - Clean
  Lumber - Creosote Treated
  Lumber - Painted, Treated
  Paints and Stains
  Stumps - Drop-Off
  Stumps - On-Site Grinding
Electronics CDs, Disks & Tapes
  Cell Phones
  Computers & TV's
  Computers and TV's for Large Businesses
  Ink Cartridges
  Misc Computer & Electronics
  Pagers and PDAs
  Portable DVD Players
  Telephone Systems
  Toner Cartridges
Explosives Ammunition
  Flares - Ground
  Flares - Projectile
Fat, Grease, Oil Fat, Oil, Grease-Households
  Fat-Oil-Grease (Businesses)
  Meat and Bone Scrap
Fluorescent Lights Compact Fluorescent Lights
  Fluorescent Tubes
Furniture/Fixtures/Sinks/Toilets Fixtures, Kitchen/Bath
Gardening Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides
  Plastic Plant Pots
  Woody Debris - Drop-Off
  Woody Debris - On-Site Chipping
  Yard Waste - Drop-Off
Glass Glass Food Containers
Hazardous Waste Automotive Fluids, Other
  Cleaning Products
  Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides
  Fire Extinguishers
  Hazardous Waste-Businesses
  Household Hazardous Waste
Household Goods for Donation Bicycles
  Household Items
  Textiles - Clothing - Fabrics
Lighting - Bulbs and Tubes Compact Fluorescent Lights
  Fluorescent Tubes
  Incandescent Light Bulbs
Meat and Bone Scrap Meat and Bone Scrap
Medical Medications
Metal Aluminum
  Engines & Motors
  Scrap Metal
  Tin Cans
Outdoor Household Items BBQ Grills
  Patio Furniture
Pallets Pallets
Paper Books
  Confidential Paper
  Gift Wrap Paper
  Mixed Paper
  Phone Books
  Shredded Paper
Plastic Plastic bags
  Plastic Bottles, Jugs, and Dairy Tubs
Refrigerant Gases Refrigerant Gases
Sharps Sharps
Styrofoam Styrofoam
Tanks Heating Oil Tanks
  Helium Tanks
  Oxygen Tanks
  Propane Tanks - 1 Liter (Camping)
  Propane Tanks - 5 Gallons or Less
  Propane Tanks - 7 gal. or more (BBQ)
Textiles - Clothing - Fabrics Textiles - Clothing - Fabrics
Vehicles Abandoned Junk Vehicles
  Boats & Campers
  RV's and Motorhomes
  Vehicles and Parts

This listing of businesses or organizations does not constitute an endorsement of any kind from Kitsap County. All listings are current when posted, but are subject to change without notice. Contact the organization or business directly to verify the information.


Kitsap County Public Works
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Updated:  February 08, 2017


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