Kitsap County Public Works
Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Program
Waste Collection Worksheet

This worksheet is intended to help you evaluate the types and quantity of waste produced by your business. 
Please fill out a separate line item for each waste material.  Be sure to bring a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS)
for each material, if available.

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Questions?   Contact the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at (360) 337-5781 or (360) 337.5692.

I have read statement regarding hauling of HHW items.

Would you like on-site technical assistance?    Service provided free of charge. Disposal costs will still apply.
BE SAFE:  All SQG customers should haul waste in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations.
Click here for information on accepted materials and proper packaging and transport of your hazardous waste.

 Name of Material   If "Other" List Item  Container Type/Size  Number of