Kitsap County Treasurer  MS-32
614 Division Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366
Phone: (360)337-7135 * Fax: (360)337-4635

General Tax Information

Treasurer Questions
All questions about tax payments, due dates, refunds, delinquent taxes, receipt of statements, duplicate statements, issues with mortgage companies or tax services, excise taxes, foreclosure or personal property distraint, mobile home moving permits and tax statement address changes should be directed to the Treasurer's Office at (360) 337-7135.

Treasurer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Address Changes
Mobile Home Moving Permits (Downloadable Form)

Assessor Questions
All questions about the assessed value of property, appeals for lowering assessed values, levy rates and tax limitation, tax relief programs for senior citizens and the disabled; or open space programs should be directed to the Assessor's Office at (360) 337-7160.

Assessor Web Page
Assessor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Personal Property Tax
If you are in business, you are subject to a personal property tax. Taxable personal property includes items such as: furniture and fixtures, office equipment, machinery, tools, supplies, etc. The Treasurer may distrain (seize) and sell personal property if taxes are delinquent. Advance taxes are collected if the property sells or transfers before the tax is due. The tax is due even if the business closes or the property sells or transfers. Contact the Treasurer's Office before buying or selling any personal property to protect your property against a lien. If you need more information, call (360) 337-4936.

Interest & Penalty
The interest and penalty rates are set by law. (RCW 84.56.020) Payments without the appropriate interest and penalty cannot be posted to the account and will be returned with an opportunity to pay without further cost by a certain date. There is no "good cause" statute that allows waiving of interest and penalties except in the circumstance of the county making an error when the tax account originated (the source document for proof is the real estate tax affidavit), or in case of hardship caused by death of the taxpayer's spouse or taxpayer's parent-owned property, if the Treasurer is notified within sixty (60) days of the tax due date (copy of death certificate required). (RCW 84.56.025)

Mortgage Company Relationships
It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to monitor their relationship with their mortgage company. Read your escrow account statements carefully to verify that taxes are paid current, especially when you have recently purchased your property or refinanced your home. Occasionally, tax payments collected on refinancing are not forwarded to the Treasurer until April or October. There can be errors or delays in payments for failure to notify the Treasurer of changes in your address or account status.

Real Estate Contracts
It is recommended that holders of real estate contracts exercise the same precaution as mortgage companies and check the tax payment status of their contract purchases each year.

Tax Law
The method of giving notice for payment of taxes due, notices of delinquency and collection procedures, distribution of taxes to various taxing districts, waiving of interest and penalties and accounting for money collected are explained in statutes within the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 84.56) 

Title Company Forms
Senior Exemption proration request form


Last Updated:  February 01, 2017