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Veteran's Treatment Court Volunteer Mentors
Veteran's Treatment Court Volunteer Mentors act as a coach, guide, role model, advocate and supporter of the individuals they work with in the Kitsap County Veteran's Treatment Court. Mentors encourage and guide other veterans through the court process and listen to concerns, make general suggestions and assist with determining what's needed. Mentors support veterans at a time when they may feel very alone - in a way that only another veteran can understand.
Applicants for the Kitsap County Veteran Mentors Program must be active duty or veterans who received an honorable discharge and willing to submit to a criminal background check.
Once you've completed a volunteer application, you will be sent a Supplemental Application and scheduled for an interview. At that time, veteran applicants must also provide a copy of their Form DD 214 stating the status of their discharge from the Armed Forces.

For more information, please read the position description below. Contact Kitsap County Volunteer Services at (360) 337-4650 or if you have questions.

 Last Updated:  June 06, 2017
Contact Rebecca Pirtle, Volunteer Services Coordinator,
at (360) 337-4650
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