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Kingston Sewage Treatment Plant

Kingston Waste Water Treatment Facility

The primary sources of wastewater to the Kingston Treatment Plant are domestic sewage from residential and light commercial activities in Kingston. The treatment plant effluent is discharged into Puget Sound approximately 1 mile from the shoreline at a depth of 165 feet below mean low water.

The treatment facility, completed in May 2005, is designed to treat an average daily flow of 292,000 gallons per day. This is a 95% increase in capacity from the previous facility, and will accommodate the growth in residential population for the next 20 years.

A new pipeline was added from W. Kingston Road to the facility, an extension of 4,000 feet. The site is located on 29 acres at the end of Norman Road. The effluent is piped from the plant to the beach at Appletree Cove and extends 5,315 feet into Puget Sound. The outfall system into the bay was unique in that it required the use of a barge with excavating bucket and divers to weld the pipe sections together.

Design Capacity
Average flow for the maximum month: 292,000 gallons per day
Influent BOD5 loading for the maximum month: 585 pounds per day
Influent TSS loading for the maximum month: 585 pounds per day

[ Flow Process Diagram ]

Key Facts:

  • Treated 41 million gallons of sewage in 2015
  • The average daily flow in 2015 was 112,000 gallons of sewage
  • Removed 99 percent of the suspended solids and 99 percent of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) before discharging the effluent into Puget Sound
  • 181,000 gallons of sludge (31.6 dry tons of Biosolids) were transported by truck to the Central Kitsap Treatment Plant for further processing

[ Map of Public Works Sewage Treatment Facilities ]

The Kingston Treatment Plant received the Washington State Department of Ecology, Outstanding Performance Award for the last nine years.  Congratulations to the staff and Operators for outstanding performance!

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