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10/3/2018Join a focus group and help shape the future of cable TV in Kitsap

​(Port Orchard, WA) - What's your vision for media in Kitsap County in the next 10 years?  Sign up for a focus group on October 24-25 to weigh in on the future of community media,public technology, and cable television service.

Kitsap County is seeking your input on the future of cable service, community media, and technology needs for the next 10 years. Comcast and Wave Broadband submitted requests to renew their cable franchise agreements with the County.  A community process is being undertaken as part of the cable franchise renewal process. The process examines the past performance of Comcast and Wave and identifies future services that residents, schools, community groups, businesses and local government want included in the new cable franchise agreements.

Kitsap County is hosting a series of four focus groups October 24-25. There is an afternoon and evening group each day.  These focus groups provide a chance for interested community members to learn about franchise renewal and provide input regarding future services you want available through the cable systems serving the County.

Sue Buske of The Buske Group, a nationally recognized public policy consulting firm, will facilitate the focus groups. These groups provide information on

  • The cable franchise renewal process currently underway
  • How cable systems work, and how they can work in the future
  • Public, educational, and government access to cable television resources
  • Ways community groups and organizations, schools, businesses, residents, and government agencies can use a cable communication system.


The focus groups gather input from participants through brainstorming and completing an online questionnaire. There is no charge, and refreshments are served.

If you're interested, select the group that is most appropriate or convenient and RSVP online. All groups cover the same information but focus closer on the community in the title.

While the four scheduled meetings have a focus group title, they remain open to anyone who wishes to attend.  Each if these meetings will be very similar in agenda and format.  Each of the meetings will begin with an overview covering the "why" portion of the a franchise renewal and then the facilitator will attempt to draw out ideas on how the residents might better utilize our local PEG cable channel.  All County residents are encouraged to attend any of these meetings.

RSVP online here (kcowa.us/focusgroups) –or by email to George Geyer at gfgeyer@co.kitsap.wa.us or by phone at 360.337.4404

Wednesday, October 24
1:30 - 3:30pm     Government, Business and Technology
Kitsap County Administration Building
619 Division St., Port Orchard

5:30 - 7:30pm     Community Education
Kitsap County Administration Building
619 Division St., Port Orchard

Thursday, October 25
1:30 -3:30pm       Nonprofit and Faith-Based Organizations
Silverdale Water District
5300 NW Newberry Hill Rd. #100, Silverdale

5:30 – 7:30pm     Arts, Culture, & Heritage
Silverdale Water District
5300 NW Newberry Hill Rd. #100, Silverdale