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8/1/2018Good News! Updates on improvements to traffic circulation in downtown Kingston

As shared at recent Kingston Citizen Advisory Council  (KCAC) meetings, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) was awarded $500,000 in a state appropriation to begin review of the constraints of State Route 104 in downtown Kington and impacts of ferry congestion on the community.  Additionally, Kitsap County was awarded a $740,000 regional grant to begin preliminary engineering for the re-routing of  highway 104 in downtown Kingston. 

These funding awards compliments each other and will allow planning efforts to determine cost estimates for construction. This is important information WSDOT will need to seek additional funding for construction of the re-routing project. The transportation committee of the KCAC is assisting in the review of some low-cost solutions to downtown ferry congestion for near-term improvements.

The update document that may be linked to here outlines the four elements of State Route 104 traffic circulation improvements in Kingston that are moving forward and the timeline for planning efforts. These include:

  1. Preliminary engineering for the widening of First Street to allow for re-alignment of highway 104 out of downtown to make for better local circulation and pedestrian traffic

  2. Installation of a camera and variable messaging signage on the toll booth for more real-time information for travelers using the ferry system and residents who want to know conditions along highway 104

  3. Low-cost signage and other near-term improvements in downtown Kingston

  4. An advance preliminary design for a ferry holding lot off Lindvog Road that would keep ferry traffic off the highway 104 shoulders and vehicles to the terminal in order to avoid congestion downtown

Click here to go to the WSDOT project website for Kingston ferry terminal traffic improvements.