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Washington's Safe Start Recovery Plan

Update: Kitsap County is currently in Phase 2 of Safe Start; however, the four-week long restrictions announced by Gov. Jay Inslee Nov. 15 apply to all counties in all phases.

At this time the phased reopening plan is in a pause. There is new guidance available for what activities are currently restricted. For activities not mentioned in the new guidance, counties should follow the guidance for whichever phase they were in when paused. Visit Washington's What's Open page to learn more about the activities allowed for each phase. The Safe Start page includes business guidance for safe reopening.

Celebrating the holidays safely

Governor Jay Inslee implemented new restrictions Nov. 16, due to the surge of COVID-19 in Washington. These limit gatherings in households and will impact holiday plans for many, especially at Thanksgiving. This year, we need to connect in new ways over the holidays so we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our families healthy. The Washington State Department of Health updated its safe gatherings website that offers tips on celebrating safely here.

Give Thanks Not Covid! Toolkit

Download the Kitsap Public Health District flyer and poster for tips to share on how to celebrate and avoid high-risk activities during the Thanksgiving holiday. Feel free to print or post these! A toolkit is available to download with multiple formats for posting to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Click here to download the Give Thanks Not Covid! Toolkit or en español.

Click on the images below for printable versions.

  FLYER                                     FLYER en español                      POSTER

Kitsap County community COVID-19 testing sites
en español          sa Tagalog

The Kitsap Public Health District and Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center, in partnership with various community organizations, offer drive-through community COVID-19 testing sites. These sites provide additional low-barrier testing options with short wait times (typically 1-2 days) for receiving test results. 

Testing is available regardless of health insurance status. A medical appointment is not required for testing. Advance registration and an appointment are required.

Free flu vaccine clinics throughout Kitsap

It's more important than ever to get your flu shot this year. Kitsap Public Health is hosting free flu clinics at several locations in Kitsap County through the month of November. Information is available English and Spanish (en Español).

Clinics are open to adults 19 and older who are uninsured or underinsured (when insurance does not cover flu vaccine). Flu vaccination is free for those 18 years and younger in Washington state. Learn more about protecting yourself from seasonal flu from the Kitsap Public Health District.

Volunteer opportunity: COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Center

Quarantine and isolation center volunteers are critical to the county's COVID-19 response.  Volunteers support guests who are staying at the center because they are not able to safely quarantine or isolate at home. The Q&I Center is located at the beautiful Pilgrim Firs Conference Center near Port Orchard. Volunteers are provided with safety training and personal protective equipment when on site and can choose how often they want to work. Volunteers must be over the age of 18 with full mobility. 

Please click this link to register as a volunteer emergency worker:

Take an inside look at the Q/I center in this YouTube video produced by BKAT Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television.

Stop the Spread signage for business and community organizations

The Joint Information Center of the KCEOC has over 200 informative signs displayed throughout Kitsap County to encourage residents to help stop the spread. Download the PDF poster in English or Spanish (en Español) to display at your Kitsap business, community facility, or outdoor spaces. Printer-friendly versions that use less ink are also available in English or Spanish (en Español).

Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center Daily Bulletin

The Kitsap County Joint Information Center, as part of the Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center,  produces a daily bulletin (link below) that includes the latest COVID-19 test results from the Kitsap Public Health District and up-to-date information and resources for individuals, businesses and organizations . 

The KCEOC operates under the leadership of a unified command, composed of representatives of Kitsap Public Health District, Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management, Kitsap 911, local law enforcement agencies and the Kitsap County Fire Chiefs Association.

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New Kitsap Cares website for community resources – and ways to help - 04/03/2020

Isolation and Quarantine Centers on Kitsap's Horizon - 04/03/2020

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 Face Coverings 

Free masks for qualifying households

As part of a statewide program, the Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center received 106,000 cloth face masks to distribute to low-income individuals through local social service agencies and organizations starting July 1. Two free masks are available for every person with an income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. To access the free masks, call 2-1-1 between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week for direction to one of 66 distribution locations across the county.

Requirements for individuals

An order from the secretary of health requires Washingtonians to wear face coverings in public spaces and shared spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Read guidance on cloth face coverings from the Department of Health.

Requirements for businesses/employers

How to report a concern

 Quarantine and Isolation Care Center

The KCEOC has opened a temporary quarantine and isolation care center in South Kitsap for people who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19. The facility can accept patients referred by healthcare providers or public health officials in Kitsap County.

Learn more about the care center and how it will help our community.

 Scam Alerts and Rumor Control

 How You Can Help (in addition to staying home)

Visit the Kitsap Community Foundation's Kitsap Cares page to find more ways to help other people during the coronavirus pandemic.



  • Reach out via phone, text, email, or video chat to check on neighbors, friends, and family.

  • Visit the Kitsap Community Foundation's Kitsap Cares page for more ways to help people in our community.

  • Kitsap County Human Services Housing and Homelessness Division has created resources for helping people living homeless.



 Need Help by Phone?

  • If you have questions about what is happening in Washington, or how the virus is spread, please call 1-800-525-0127 and press # from 6 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. Please note that this call center cannot access COVID-19 testing results. For testing inquiries or results, please contact your health care provider.

  • You can also text the word “Coronavirus” to 211211 to receive information and updates wherever you are. You will receive links to the latest information on COVID-19, including county-level updates, and resources for families, businesses, students, and more.

  • Call 911 only for life-threatening emergencies. Emergency response is available 24/7.

  • Visit the Kitsap Community Foundation's Kitsap Cares page for hotlines, including domestic violence, suicide, and mental health.        

 Health Information and COVID-19 Data





  • Free or low-cost Apple Health is available year-round from the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

 Get Help - Assistance & Resources for You and Your Family - Mortgage, Rental, Food, Mental Health, Caregiving, Childcare


Do you need help paying your rent or mortgage or have a friend or family member financially impacted by COVID-19? Are you a landlord with tenants who are having a hard time paying rent?

Rent and mortgage assistance is available now with expanded eligibility and additional funding from the federal Corona Aid, Relieve and Economic Security (CARES) Act, distributed through Kitsap County. Tenants can receive up to three months or more of rental assistance paid to the landlord. Homeowners can get help with their mortgage, too. There are funds available through multiple programs so if you applied previously but didn’t qualify, you may now be eligible.

Contact the Housing Solutions Center of Kitsap County to learn more, apply and get the financial assistance you need. Funds are available immediately.

Contact the Housing Solutions Center at 360-473-2035 or email:

If you are having issues with eviction, contact the Kitsap Legal Services and Washington Law Help.

The Washington State Coronavirus Resource page contains links to programs and services that may be helpful for Washingtonians who are impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 


All local school districts offer free grab and go meals to any child 18 and under (in some cases special education students age 21 and under also qualify). Check your local school district for instructions.



The Kitsap Community Foundation's Kitsap Cares page has a list of free 24-hour hotlines that can help.


  • The Sewer Utility is temporarily suspending all late penalties and placement of liens related to non-payment of monthly sewer service due to the COVID-19 crisis. The Resolution does not relieve a utility customer from the obligation to pay for sewer services.



Free childcare for families of healthcare workers and emergency responders may be available through local school districts. Contact your local school district for information.

Kitsap Community Resources offers childhood early learning services to families of first responders and medical personnel. Email or call 360-473-2075.

The state’s Families, Friends and Neighbor program includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, elders, older siblings, friends, neighbors and others who help families by providing child care. Visit the website or call 866-482-4325 for more information.

Visit the Kitsap Community Foundation's Kitsap Cares page for more local childcare options.


Most grocery stores have special at-risk customer shopping hours. Contact your local store directly to ask about these hours.

There are several local groups offering assistance with shopping and other errands. For more information, see the Kitsap Community Foundation's Kitsap Cares page.



Kitsap County waste disposal and recycling facilities have resumed normal schedules with restrictions. Curbside collection services continue as normal. Contact the service provider in your area to subscribe or learn about services.


 Businesses and Worker Resources

Kitsap businesses have sacrificed much during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy closure. Now as we move through the Safe Start plan and get our economy moving again, we must continue to take safety precautions to protect our community and prevent a rebound of COVID-19 so our businesses can move towards recovery.


  • During the Stay Home, Stay Healthy closures, Kitsap chambers of commerce rallied to support local businesses in not only strengthening their resiliency but also implementing new and creative strategies to stay afloat while supporting their employees. Read their letter to the community.

  • The local chambers of commerce recently compiled a Back to Business Toolkit that offers a variety of resources for successfully reopening. Chambers are also promoting a new site at and a local COVID-19 Business Support Facebook page.


Small business grants are available for Kitsap businesses through Kitsap County, Kitsap cities and the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance. Go to to learn more

The U.S. Small Business Association provides coronavirus relief funding options.

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) is a federal program that adds $300 for each week the program remains federally funded (en Español).

If you receive unemployment benefits for certain weeks and you are unemployed or working fewer hours due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, you may be eligible for these benefits. The LWA program has a limited budget, so the length of time it's available depends on how quickly all participating states use up the federal funds.

Employment Security Department will start processing payments of $300 to eligible claimants for this new program on Monday, Sept. 21. Payments will be retroactive for all weeks for which the claimant was eligible, and for which funding is available from the federal government. Upon the processing date, eligible claimants will receive the funds as soon as their bank processes the payment. Refer to the Employment Security Department website for details.


How to accurately and quickly file for unemployment benefits

WorkFirst is Washington's temporary cash assistance program.

Some Washingtonians may also apply for the Disaster Cash Assistance Program. The assistance is available to all Washington families and people without children who meet the income and resource limits of the program.


  • Business owners and operators can fill out this form to ask Washington State questions about financial help or other state assistance for businesses.

  • Businesses that still have questions about their status can contact the Kitsap Public Health District’s Liaison Officer at


 Nonprofits & Homeless Service Provider Resources

 Apartments, Condos, and Similar Residences - Resources

King County Health District: COVID-19: For managers, staff, and residents of apartment buildings, condominiums, and similar residential communities

 Important Closures



View COVID-19 Updates from Washington State Ferries


Starting on Monday, May 4, until further notice, Kitsap Transit will require all Worker/Driver passengers to wear a face covering to ride this service.

Kitsap Transit has temporarily reduced services. They are providing free fares through June 30. View Kitsap Transit updates.

 Other Languages

  • Have more questions about COVID-19? Call the Washington State hotline: 1-800-525-0127. For interpretative services, press # when they answer and say your language. (Open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.) For questions about your own health, COVID-19 testing, or testing results, please contact your health care provider.

  • El Distrito de Salud Pública de Kitsap ha creado una nueva página de información COVID-19 en Español. La página incluye estadísticas locales de COVID-19, hojas informativas y enlaces a recursos adicionales.

 Cities and Tribes of Kitsap County

City residents and tribal members can find additional resources and information using the links below.

City of Bremerton: View coronavirus information.

City of Port Orchard: View coronavirus information.

City of Poulsbo: View coronavirus information.

City of Bainbridge Island: View coronavirus information.

Suquamish Tribe: View coronavirus information.

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe: View coronavirus information.

 About this page        

This page is designed to help Kitsap County residents find government information and assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. It is maintained by the Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center and updated daily with new resources. Kitsap EOC includes members from Kitsap Public Health District, Kitsap County Emergency Management, Kitsap 911, Law Enforcement, and Kitsap Fire Chiefs Association.