Parcel Data File Downloads

To download an individual file, click the link with the file name you want to download.  Some browsers may require that you right-click the link with the file name and select "Save target as …".  A table description is also available. 

The files are ascii, tab-delimited (.txt) and the data is extracted on Wednesdays.

​Files​Approximate Download Size​Table Description
Parcels.txt​10,408 KB PDF
Dwellings.txt​12,222 KBPDF
MH.txt​1,155 KBPDF
Other_res_imps.txt​6,208 KBPDF
Features.txt​5,596 KBPDF
Ext_features.txt​14,168 KBPDF
Comml_Imps.txt​724 KBPDF
Land_detail.txt​8,034 KBPDF
Cad_actions.txt​1,130 KBPDF
Plats.txt​84 KBPDF
Property_addresses.txt​7,801 KBPDF
Codes.txt​73 KBPDF
Valuations.txt​18,411 KBPDF
​Land_influence.txt​9,709 KBPDF