Residential Sales for Previous Years

Residential Sales by Neighborhood (2016-2020)

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7100521-2016.pdf7100521-20167100521West Bremerton Salt WF2016
7100521-2017.pdf7100521-20177100521West Bremerton Salt WF2017
7100521-2018.pdf7100521-20187100521West Bremerton Salt WF2018
7100521-2019.pdf7100521-20197100521West Bremerton Salt WF2019
7100521-2020.pdf7100521-20207100521West Bremerton Salt WF2020
7100522-2016.pdf7100522-20167100522East Bremerton WF2016
7100522-2017.pdf7100522-20177100522East Bremerton WF2017
7100522-2018.pdf7100522-20187100522East Bremerton WF2018
7100522-2019.pdf7100522-20197100522East Bremerton WF2019
7100522-2020.pdf7100522-20207100522East Bremerton WF2020
7100531-2016.pdf7100531-20167100531West Brem Kitsap Lake WF2016
7100531-2017.pdf7100531-20177100531West Brem Kitsap Lake WF2017
7100531-2018.pdf7100531-20187100531West Brem Kitsap Lake WF2018
7100531-2019.pdf7100531-20197100531West Brem Kitsap Lake WF2019
7100531-2020.pdf7100531-20207100531West Brem Kitsap Lake WF2020
7100541-2016.pdf7100541-20167100541West Bremerton Uplands City2016
7100541-2017.pdf7100541-20177100541West Bremerton Uplands City2017
7100541-2018.pdf7100541-20187100541West Bremerton Uplands City2018
7100541-2019.pdf7100541-20197100541West Bremerton Uplands City2019
7100541-2020.pdf7100541-20207100541West Bremerton Uplands City2020
7100542-2016.pdf7100542-20167100542East Bremerton Uplands City2016
7100542-2017.pdf7100542-20177100542East Bremerton Uplands City2017
7100542-2018.pdf7100542-20187100542East Bremerton Uplands City2018
7100542-2019.pdf7100542-20197100542East Bremerton Uplands City2019
7100542-2020.pdf7100542-20207100542East Bremerton Uplands City2020
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*************PLEASE NOTE**************

The Sales Year and Tax Year are NOT one in the same.  Our appraisal staff analyzes sales from a previous year (i.e.: 2015) to establish the assessment as of January 1st of the assessment year (i.e.: 1/1/2016) for taxes payable the following year (i.e. Tax Year 2017).


2019 Sales = January 2019 - April 2020

2018 Sales = January 2018 - April 2019

2017 Sales = January 2017 - April 2018

2016 Sales = October 2016 - March 2017

2015 Sales = October 2015 - March 2016