Assessor Forms & Publications

Assessor General Forms

Assessment Books

Public Disclosure Request Form




Assessor General Publications

Homeowner's Guide to Property Tax

Overview of the Assessor's Office

Property Class Codes & Definitions



Board of Equalization Appeal Forms

Appeal Form - Assessed Value for Real Property

Appeal Form - Business Personal Property

Appeal Form - Senior/Disabled



Board of Equalization Appeal Publications

Appealing Your Property Assessment to the County BOE - DOR


Business Personal Property Forms

Listing for New Accounts

Listing for Existing Accounts

Business Personal Property Appeal Form



Business Personal Property Publications

2019 Value Guidelines - DOR

2018 Value Guidelines - DOR

Personal Property Tax Brochure - DOR


​Current Use & Forest Forms

Farm & Agriculture Application

Designated Forest Land Application

Notice of Continuance

Owners Request to Remove from Designated Forest Land

Owners Request to Remove from Current Use

Owners 2 year Withdrawal Notice from Current Use



Current Use & Forest Publications

Open Space Assessor Brochure

Farm & Agriculture Assessor Brochure

Designated Forest Land Brochure

Guidelines for Timber Management Plans - DOR


Exemption & Deferral Forms - Senior/Disabled

Exemption Application 

Deferral Application

Renewal Application (Exemption only)

Status Change Form (Exemption only)

Income Worksheet

Proof of Disability Form

Capital Gains Worksheet - Sale of Home

Senior/Disabled Appeal Form



Exemption & Deferral Publications - Senior/Disabled

Senior/Disabled Exemption Brochure - DOR

Senior/Disabled Deferral Brochure - DOR



Exemption & Deferral Forms

Destroyed Property Application

Limited Income Deferral Application

Non Profit Exemption Application

Residential Improvement Exemption Application



Exemption & Deferral Publications

Limited Income Deferral Brochure - DOR

Non Profit Organizations Brochure - DOR

Land Segregation & Combination Forms

Mobile Home Half Sheet

Combination Request

Segregation Request


Land Segregation & Combination Publications 

Boundary Line Adjustment Overview/Directions

Explanation of Tax Account Numbers

Personal Property Forms

Boathouse Sales/Change of Address Form 


Personal Property Publications

Boathouse Appraisal