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Kitsap County

February 6, 2007 Special Election

Ballot Measures

Kitsap Transit District Proposition No. 1 - Passenger-Only Ferry Investment Plan and Sales & Use Tax- Kitsap Transit Proposition No. 1 concerns passenger-only ferry service and revenue to implement the service.  This proposition would approve Kitsap Transit’s Passenger-Only Ferry Investment Plan for local and cross-sound passenger-only ferry service initially from Kingston, Bremerton, Port Orchard and Southworth to downtown Seattle and authorize Kitsap Transit to levy a local sales and use tax on taxable transactions of 3/10 of one percent to be used for passenger-only ferry service and related support facilities and services.

Should this proposition be approved?  (Kitsap Transit Resolution No. 06-58 and 06-59; RCW 36.57A.210, 82.14.040)



A simple majority is required in order for this measure to pass.

Bainbridge Island School District No. 303 Proposition No. 1 - Renewal of Educational Programs and Operations Levy - The Board of Directors of Bainbridge Island School District No. 303 adopted Resolution No. 03-06-07 concerning a replacement levy for educational programs and operations.  This proposition would re-authorize the continuation of levies to maintain current programs and services, including teaching, instructional support, school supplies, extracurricular activities and transportation, and authorizes the following excess levies to replace an expiring levy on all taxable property within the District:

                                     Approximate Rate/$1000

 Collection Years               Assessed Value                Levy Amount

       2008                                     $1.21                               $7,200,000

       2009                                     $1.21                               $7,700,000

       2010                                     $1.21                               $8,200,000

Should this proposition be approved?



2006 Turnout – 12,606      40% - 5,043              60% - 3,026

For approval, at least 3,026 must vote yes if fewer than 40% (5,043) turn out to vote.  If more than 40% (5,043) turn out to vote, 60% or more of those voting must vote YES for the measure to pass.