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​This list will help you budget for your inquiries. All prices are effective July 25, 2021. For any questions contact us via email or phone: (360) 337-4935.

Recording Fees

​First Page​$203.50
Each additional Page​$1
Each additional Transaction Title$203.50


Appointment of Trustee


Assignment of Deed of Trust


Death, birth and divorce documents


Deed of Trust$204.50
Emergency Recording on a Nonstandard Form$50
Employment Security$36
​Federal Tax Lien$16

Release of Federal Tax Lien


Lien or Lien Release from State, County or City (governing agency)


Military Separation or Discharge

No Fee

Military Discharge request for Public Disclosure Exemption Reference - RCW 58.24 and WAC 332-150


Multiple Title Documents – First page fee for each Transaction Title

Resignation & Appointment of Successor Trustee


Substitution of Trustee



Survey, Short Plat or Large Lot Subdivision​$288.50
Each additional page$5
Plat or Condominium – up to 50 lots$287.50
Plats – each additional lot over 50$.50
Each Acknowledgment, dedication, description over 50​$1
Cemetery Plat – Each Lot over 100​$.25

Map Copies (18” x 24”)


​Second Page​$3

​Copy & Search Fees

​Non-Certified Copies$1

Certified Copies


Each additional Page$1

Document Search per hour Fee