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​This list will help you budget for your inquiries. All prices are effective since June 7, 2018. For any questions contact us via email or phone: (360) 337-4935.

Recording Fees

​First Page​$99
Each additional Page​$1
Each additional Transaction Title$99


Appointment of Trustee


Assignment of Deed of Trust


Death, birth and divorce documents


Deed of Trust$100
Emergency Recording on a Nonstandard Form$50
Employment Security$34
​Federal Tax Lien$16

Release of Federal Tax Lien

No Fee

Lien or Lien Release from State, County or City (governing agency)


Military Separation or Discharge

No Fee

Military Discharge request for Public Disclosure Exemption Reference - RCW 58.24 and WAC 332-150


Multiple Title Documents – First page fee for each Transaction Title

Resignation & Appointment of Successor Trustee


Substitution of Trustee



Survey, Short Plat or Large Lot Subdivision​$184
Each additional page$5
Plat or Condominium – up to 50 lots$183
Plats – each additional lot over 50$.50
Each Acknowledgment, dedication, description over 50​$1
Cemetery Plat – Each Lot over 100​$.25

Map Copies (18” x 24”)


​Second Page​$3

​Copy & Search Fees

​Non-Certified Copies$1

Certified Copies


Each additional Page$1

Document Search per hour Fee