Jury Duty Instructions

  Juror Call In Recording: (360) 337-7072     Toll Free:   (800) 562-5953‚Äč


Juror Call-In Procedure:

  • Call each evening beginning the weekend of your term of service.  The recorded message plays 24 hours per day beginning at 6:00 pm on Friday.
  • Listen for your group number, rather than your bar-coded number.  Only if your group number is listed on the recorded message will you be required to report.
  • In case of inclement weather, call the message line for possible changes in reporting time.

About Your Jury Summons:

At first glance, your summons looks like an awful lot of work in order to complete the questions. It's not quite as difficult as it first appears. Please read the following information prior to calling the office with your question. If you still don't understand, our staff is happy to assist you over the phone.

Before you begin completing your profile, we would ask that you not use light-colored or fluorescent ink pens. Black ink is best. A portion of this document is scanned and some ink colors do not reproduce well.

When returning your profile, please use a small portion of standard tape for sealing. Black electrical tape, for instance, is difficult to remove and often destroys the document.

Front Page

The top portion is your name, term of service (dates), group number and your parking permit.

Below the first perforation are the qualifications necessary in order to serve as a juror. If you answer no to any of the qualifications, sign and date the bottom of the summons, provide your current address (if you have moved out of the county) and return your summons by mail.  
Please provide your current email address. Jury service will look a bit different going forward, with new processes to maintain safety.

If you qualify for jury service, you must complete the middle portion of the front page before returning it. This information is provided to the attorneys in the courtroom for use during the questioning process. (Your home phone number and address are removed for privacy).

When you have completed the front page, tear off and retain the top portion. You will need it for information as well as for your parking permit. Mail the remainder of the summons.

Back Page

The top portion includes phone numbers, call-in procedures and court locations.

The portion below the perforation is completed only if you are requesting an exemption. Example: To reschedule your term of service date, state that you already served within the year, or if you have chronic ill health and need to be excused.  

NOTE: If you are requesting an exemption on this page, you must still complete the front page prior to returning your summons.

Please remember that if you do not receive confirmation by mail changing your original summons' term, then you must call in as instructed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I no longer live in Kitsap County?

Indicate that information in the upper portion of the front page where it says "qualifications".  At the bottom, sign, provide current email, and enclose your new address.  Return your summons by mail. You need not fill out any further information. You will receive written confirmation that you have been excused.  

What if I have served within the past 12 months?

Complete the front page.  Indicate on the back page (in the exemptions portion) that you have served within the past year and return your summons by mail.  This information will be verified in our office and you will be notified by mail that either a) you did in fact serve recently and you will be excused or b) we find no record of recent service and you must report on the date indicated on your summons.

What if I suffer from chronic ill health?

Complete the front page.  On the back page indicate your health concerns in the exemptions portion and return your summons by mail. You will be notified in writing as to whether or not you are excused.

What if I am going out of town during my term of service?

Complete the front page. On the back page in the exemptions portion, check the box that asks that your term of service be re-scheduled to another week. You may pick the week.  Mail in your summons, retaining the top portion. You will be notified in writing that your term of service has been changed and what the date is.

What if my loved one receives a summons and they have passed away?

Write the information somewhere on the summons and return the summons by mail. You need not complete any other information.      
What if I just simply do not have the time to serve or cannot afford it?

The jury clerks are limited as to what conditions they may excuse a juror. If you feel that you have financial or work-related hardship cases, you must report for jury duty if called and ask the Judge to excuse you at the time of jury selection.

What if I lose my summons?

Call the jury clerk as soon as possible at 360-337-7166 (option 6) and ask for another summons.

Why do I get summoned more than once a year?

Jurors are randomly selected from a pool of voter registration records and Department of Licensing records. Though every effort has been made to avoid selecting individuals more than once per year, it sometimes does occur. The main reason is that your name may appear differently on your voter's registration than it does on your driver's license. Example: Johnny Smith and John Smith. The computer selects these as two different people. Another example would be that when a woman marries, perhaps she changes her driver's license, but not her voter's registration. We apologize when you are summoned twice in a given year; however, it is unavoidable. The best help you could give us is to ensure that your names are the same on both records. 


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