COVID-19 update:  The petition for change of name can be filed via email, post mail or in person. 

 If mailing in the petition please include a check for the filing fee. If emailing, you can pay online at - When asked for a case number put (new name change).

The court will contact you with your hearing date, time and location.  A virtual appearance (Zoom) is strongly encouraged.  Please provide the court with your mailing address and email address so the court can send the certified name change order as soon as possible.


An applicant for a change of name, pursuant to RCW 4.24.130 shall meet the following requirements:

1.         Petition for Name Change may be filed in the following location:

​Kitsap County District Court ​Hearings are held Monday thru Friday
​614 Division Street, Room 106​Filngs must be turned in by
​Port Orchard, Washington 98366Court begins at 9am.

2.          Petitioners must be residents of Kitsap County.

3.          Separate Applications – each applicant requesting a change of name must present a separate Petition for Name Change and pay a separate filing   

             fee and recording fee.

4.          A filing fee of $83.00 must be paid at the time of filing the petition, cash, check or credit card.

5.          Active DOC or Required to Register as a Sex Offender:  Must comply with notification requirements of RCW 4.24.130(2) for those under the jurisdiction

             of Washington State Department of Corrections and/or RCW 9A.44.130(8) for those required to register as a sex offender.


 Name changes must be recorded with the County Auditor’s Office and all applicable fees must be paid by the petitioner. 

Name changes are not in effect until paid and recorded.

Forms for name change below :

Petition for Change of Name - Adult Petitioner

Petition for Change of Name - Parent Petitioner for Minor

Petition for Change of Name - Minor Petitioner