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Protection Order

PO-Denial Order-Ex Parte Temporary Order

PO-Denial Order-Full Protection Order

PO-Denial Order-Modification Or Termination Motion

PO-Denial Order-Renewal Motion


PO-Order Modifying Or Terminating Protection Order

PO-Order Realigning Parties

PO-Order Renewing Protection Order

PO-Order To Allow Electronic Service

PO-Order To Allow Service By Mail

PO-Order To Allow Service By Publication

PO-Order Transferring Case To Superior Court

PO-Protection Order

PO-Reissuance Of Temporary Protection Order-Continuance

PO-Reissuance Of Temporary Protection Order-No Service Or Untimely Service

PO-Reissuance Of Temporary Protection Order-Parallel Criminal Case

PO-Temporary Protection Order

PO-Temporary Renewal Order

POWS-Contempt Hearing Order

POWS-Order Quashing Warrant

POWS-Order To Release Weapons And CPLs

POWS-Order To Surrender And Prohibit Weapons

POWS-Weapons Surrender Compliance Findings And Orders

POWS-Weapons Surrender Non-Compliance Letter

Small Claims

Small Claims Certified Civil Judgment

Small Claims Order Denying Claim

Small Claims Order of Dismissal or Continuance

​Vehicle Impound

Vehicle Impound Order-Vehicle Private Impound

Vehicle Impound Order-Vehicle Public Impound

Vehicle Impound Order-Vessel

Vehicle Impound-Order of Dismissal

BHC-THRIVE Felony Diversion

BHC Graduation Order of Dismissal

BHC Order of Release

Felony Diversion Order Terminating

Felony Diversion-Order Terminating Felony Diversion and Dismissing WO Prejudice

Felony Waiver of Speedy Arraignment

THRIVE Diversion Entry - Felony (old)

THRIVE Diversion Entry - Misd (old)

THRIVE Diversion Entry

THRIVE Graduation Dismissal

THRIVE Order of Release - Felony

THRIVE Order of Release - Misd

THRIVE Work Crew Instructions

THRIVE Work Crew Sanction Order

THRIVE-Motion for Termination of Felony HT Diversion Program


Case Information Cover Sheet

Civil Order (Blank)

Notice of Dismissal (1 Year, 30 Days)

Notice of Dismissal (90 Day, 1 Year)

Order of Dismissal Pursuant to CRLJ 41(B)(2)

Order Quashing Warrant - Civil

Order Regarding Waiver of Civil Fees

Order to Seal Redact File

Transcript of Judgment County Muni Assignment

Transcript of Judgment


Competency-Notice of Ineligibility to Possess Firearm

Competency-Order Directing Evaluation for Civil Commitment

Competency-Order Dismissing Nonserious Nonfelony

Competency-Order Dismissing Serious Nonfelony

Competency-Order Finding Defendant Competent

Competency-Order for Competency Evaluation

Competency-Order for Restoration Treatment

Competency-Order of Dismissal (Restoration Not Eligible)

Competency-Order of Dismissal (Restoration Unsuccessful)

Competency-Order Striking Revocation Proceedings

Competency-Order Terminating Competency Evaluation