Buildable Lands Program Update

​The Department of Community Development, in consultation with local cities, is undertaking a review and evaluation of Kitsap County’s Buildable Lands Program. The program is required by the State’s Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A.215 and WAC 365-196-315) to determine whether growth is occurring as planned within urban areas. The Buildable Lands Report will summarize the findings and:

  • "Look back" to evaluate whether development trends between 2013-2019 are consistent with relevant development assumptions and policies in Kitsap's Countywide Planning Polices (CPPs) and local comprehensive plans

  • "Look forward" to determine if there is sufficient land supply in urban areas to accommodate the county's 20-year targets for:
    • commercial employment
    • industrial employment
    • housing units to accommodate population

  • If necessary, local jurisdictions must identify reasonable measures to address inconsistencies between:
    • development trends and relevant development assumptions
    • land supply and 20-year growth targets

Local policies related to the Buildable Lands Program are found in Element B of Kitsap's CPPs. The policies require the County and local cities to:
  • participate in an agreed-upon Buildable Lands Analysis Program to monitor & evaluate the effectiveness of their respective comprehensive plan

  • use consistent, agreed-upon methodology to estimate the land supply

  • establish procedures for resolving disputes in collection and analysis of data

  • be responsible for implement appropriate reasonable measures within its jurisdictional boundary if inconsistencies are identified

Public Participation Plan

Kitsap County strives to engage the community, key partners, and all interested parties early and often throughout the review and evaluation process. The Public Participation Plan describes the steps the County will take to provide opportunities for public engagement and public comment.

Click HERE to access the Public Participation Plan.

Meeting Dates:

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To view past Buildable Land Reports: Click here

Timeline: October 2020 - June 2021

​Phase 1 - "Look Back" Review

  • ​Review city data & growth targets

  • Develop assumptions for land capacity analysis

​Phase 2 - Land Capacity Analysis

  • Recommendation for future data collection released

  • Identify land use & regulatory barriers

  • Draft Housing memo released
  • Public comment period

  • Technical memo for land capacity analysis released

  • Land capacity analysis meeting #3

  • Review of reasonable measures
​Phase 3 - Buildable Lands Report

  • ​Land capacity analysis meeting #4

  • Summary of land capacity analysis meetings released

  • Final Housing memo released

  • Draft Buildable Lands Report released

  • Public comment period

  • Final Buildable Lands Report due June 30, 2021

Share Your Feedback

Public meetings, comment periods, and opportunities for public feedback will be posted here when available.

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