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Please note that the Kitsap County Department of Community Development has postponed updating parking area requirements to allow for additional public engagement and to develop additional alternatives.


Kitsap County has completed the Stormwater Design Manual Update.  Information for this update can be found here.


Kitsap County is updating the requirements found in the Zoning Use Table which may impact what can be built in your neighborhood. The purpose of the update is to remove barriers to investment in urban growth areas to help support affordable housing and economic development. The update will also remove barriers to investment in rural commercial and industrial areas to help support rural economies that serve the needs of local residents.  The Kitsap County Department of Community Development is working with the community to develop the Department's recommendation. 

For more information, please click here


The Board of County Commissioner Special Projects division is developing policies regarding Vacation Rentals in Kitsap County.  Please view the project website here.


Program and Project Information

In late December 2018, the Kitsap County Department of Community Development introduced draft changes to Kitsap County Code (KCC) Chapter 18.16 Timber Harvest. The proposed changes will enable Kitsap County to assume sole regulatory authority from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) over Class IV-General Forest Practices in accordance with RCW 76.09. Assumption of authority through permitting and enforcement will help to ensure forest practices in the County adhere to the requirements of the Forest Practices Act, the State Environmental Policy Act, and implement the County Comprehensive Plan. Additionally, the program will streamline permitting and monitoring practices.


The proposed amendments, staff reports, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determinations, and other information regarding these amendments are available for your consideration.

Proposed Code Amendment

​The comment period is open until noticed otherwise in the Review and Consideration Schedule below.  Notices for comment and testimony periods will also be sent out via GovDelivery and NextDoor messages.

SEPA Programmatic Determination of Non-significanceComment period closed on January 16, 2019
SEPA Environmental Checklist

How can I submit comments about these amendments?

Written comments may address the proposed amendments and staff reports; the SEPA Determination will be noticed and published as required under law. To be included in the official record, written comments must be submitted to the Department of Community Development.    Comments may be:

  • Emailed to Scott Diener at:
  • Mailed to Kitsap County DCD, 614 Division Street, MS-36, Port Orchard, WA 98366;
  • Dropped off at the Permit Center on the 2nd Floor at 619 Division Street, Port Orchard;
  • Submitted during the Planning Commission public hearing (see Review and Consideration Schedule below)
  • Submitted using our Smartsheet Comment Page

Public Hearing (Planning Commission, TBD)

Oral and written testimony may be given to the Kitsap Board of County Commissioners during the public hearing.  The Board of County Commissioner public hearing has not yet been scheduled.  See the Review and Consideration Schedule below for updates.

Tips for preparing comments

  • Organize your comments so that general comments and comments regarding particular amendments can be easily distinguished.
  • Be as concise and clear as possible.
  • Explain how the amendment will benefit or affect you.
  • If you plan to provide oral testimony at a public hearing, submitting a written version at the hearing can be very helpful. Please note that oral testimony may be limited to 3 minutes per person/group to ensure everyone wishing to testify can be heard.
  • Including contact information is not required but is very helpful if additional information or clarification regarding your comment is needed.
  • Written comments and oral testimony at public hearings are the only ways for your comments to be part of the official record.

Click here to comment on-line using our SmartSheet Comment Page

Review and Consideration Schedule

Meeting Type

Meeting Date

​Meeting Materials

​Written Comment Deadline

​Manchester Citizens Advisory Committee​02/05/2019Draft Code Fact SheetWritten Comment period is open
Kingston Citizens Advisory Council​02/06/2019Draft Code Fact SheetWritten Comment period is open
​Suquamish Citizens Advisory Committee​02/07/2019Draft Code Fact SheetWritten Comment period is open
​Kitsap Environmental Coalition​02/27/2019Draft Code Fact SheetWritten Comment period is open
Central Kitsap Community Council​03/06/2019Draft Code Fact SheetWritten Comment period is open
Planning Commission Work Study 05/14/2019

Staff Report

Written comment period is open
​Planning Commission Work Study​07/02/2019Staff Report

Memo re: Meeting with Timber Landowners
Written comment period is open
​Planning Commission Work Study and Public Hearing​08/20/2019

Update to Kitsap County Code Chapter 18.16 Timber Harvest and 21.04 Project Permit Application Procedures

Written comment period is open
Planning Commission Recommendation 08/20/2019 Planning Commission RecommendationWritten comment period is open
Planning Commission Finding of Fact 08/20/2019 ​​Planning Commission Findings of Fact​N/A

Board of County Commissioner Work Study
Amendments to KCC 18.16 Timber Harvest
Written comment period is open
​Board of County Commissioner Public Hearing TBD
​Board of County Commissioner Decision and Adopt Final Draft Ordinance ​TBD

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