Code Interpretations

​Code Interpretations
Under Kitsap County Code, KCC 21.04.040 ‘Administration and interpretation’ the Director has the authority to provide clarity of code when requested:

Director’s Administrative Interpretation. The director may initiate a code interpretation whenever necessary and the interpretation will be made available pursuant to this chapter.

Director’s Informal Interpretation. The director may respond to informal inquiries from the public regarding code provisions in terms of applicability and interpretation prior to and outside of the context of a specific project permit application. These requests are neither subject to appeal nor binding on the department.

Director’s Formal Interpretations. Any person(s) may submit a formal request for code interpretations from the director and the interpretation will be made available by the department pursuant to this chapter. Formal director’s interpretations are binding and may be appealed. A fee shall be assessed on the hourly rate of the department and the prosecutor’s office.

Permanent Record. All code interpretations and hearing examiner decisions on such interpretations shall be retained by the department and included in the Kitsap County department of community development policy manual. Further, they may be prioritized and considered in the next applicable code update. Code interpretations shall be made available to the public and posted on the county website and shall be available for inspection.

See the Kitsap County Code for more information.