Start Here! Communication Ambassadors

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About the Start Here! Outreach Program
This program is an effort to educate and connect Kitsap County residents and DCD customers with land use and building development professionals. This outreach is funded by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and over the course of the last several months, we have hosted several webinars from preparing to build to stormwater management for our Kitsap County community members. 

What is a Start Here! Communications Ambassador?   pexels-mikael-blomkvist-8961068.jpg
Start Here! Communication Ambassadors are individuals and businesses that have gone through our Industry Professional webinar training and have partnered with us to better prepare our community for their building and development needs.

before you build5.jpgStart Here! Communication Ambassadors List 
Below is a list of industry representatives who are guiding their customers to DCD's Start Here! educational resources. These Communication Ambassadors have attended an introductory webinar and are partnering with DCD to share this resource with their clients. 

​Kitsap Building Association
​Association of industry professionals
V​ader Engineering, LLC
​FPH Construction Inc.
​Building Contractor

 Please note that this list makes no representation about the quality of the identified professionals or firms, nor whether they have current licensures, certifications, registrations, bonding, or insurance. Please seek this information directly from the agencies listed.

pexels-picjumbocom-461077.jpgHow Can I Become a Start Here! Ambassador?
Start Here! Ambassadors are required to watch our Industry Professional webinar training, then will be featured in the above list. Ambassadors will also be given a Start Here! badge to put on their website in return. If you are interested in partnering with us for the Start Here! program, please reach out to the Project Manager, Alicia Adler by clicking HERE

If you have questions, please contact Project Manager, Alicia Adler for more information, or visit Start Here! online by clicking here.