Critical Areas Ordinance Update 2024

The Department of Community Development is conducting a periodic review of the County's Critical Areas Ordinance, Kitsap County Code (KCC) Title 19, as required by RCW 36.70A.130. The Critical Areas Ordinance, KCC Title 19, was last reviewed and updated in 2017. Critical Areas Ordinances must be evaluated and, if needed, revised every eight years per the schedule provided in RCW 36.70A.130. The Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) will be reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with state mandates, maintain consistency with local regulations and the Comprehensive Plan, and provide predictability and clarifications.

The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires all cities and counties in Washington to adopt regulations protecting "critical areas in order to preserve the natural environment, wildlife habitats, and sources of fresh drinking water. Critical areas regulation encourages public safety by limiting development in areas prone to natural hazards like floods and landslides. The Critical Areas Ordinance will be updated in conjunction with the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update, with adoption planned in June of 2024.

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Process & Schedule

​Phase One Schedule

​March 2023
​Project Kick Off Notification & Working Group Invitations
​April 2023
Release of Best Available Science (BAS) date & Public Comment Period Open (30 days)
​April 2023
​Virtual Public Participation Meeting #1
​May 2023
​Board of County Commissioners Briefing: Best Available Science & Project Scope
​June 2023
​Planning Commission Briefing & Work Session: Best Available Science & Project Scope
​June 2023
​Board of County Commissioners Work Session: Best Available Science & Project Scope

*Tentative dates, subject to change.

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​Team Roles and Responsibilities

​Jeff Rimack
​Kitsap County
​DCD Director
​Program Management
​Scott Diener
​Kitsap County
​Planning Manager
​Program Management
​Mark Daniel
​Watershed Co.
​Consultant - Project Manager

​Dan Nickel
​Watershed Co.
​Consultant - Project Manager

​Colin Poff
​Kitsap County
​Planning Supervisor
​Project Management
​Kirvie Mesebeluu-Yobech
​Kitsap County
​Environmental Planning Supervisor
​Project Management
​Carla Lundgren
​Kitsap County
​Project Lead, Public Engagement
​Jim Rogers
​Kitsap County
​Public Engagement, Events
​Kathlene Barnhart
​Kitsap County
​Techinal Support, Current Planning
​Brittany Gordon
​Kitsap County
​Natural Resource Coordinator
​Technical Support, Environmental Programs
​Cindy Read
​Kitsap County
​Technology Analyst
​Website, Information Services

 Upcoming Events

Public Participation Meeting #1
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Public Participation Meeting #2
Virtual Via Zoom

In-Person Open House
Kitsap County Administration Building
Commissioner Chambers
619 DIvision Street
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