DCD Review Team Meetings

Due to a significant influx of permit applications, responses to requests for 
staff review meetings may take longer than normal.

Comprised of planners, engineering tech analysts, permit technicians, and various DCD subject matter experts, the DCD Review Team, evaluates permit applications and permit document submittals. 

As detailed below, these team members are also available via lobby visits, staff consultations, hourly meetings, and pre-application meetings. They provide general land use, building construction, stormwater mitigation, environmental and critical area information.


DCD Lobby Visits

Customers are provided a free, dedicated 15-minute question and answer session with a member of the DCD Review Team. These sessions are first-come, first-served, but you may opt to book a specific time for your lobby visit. Please click here to book a lobby appointment.


Staff Consultation - A by-appointment, 30-minute consultation meeting with a cross-functional mix of DCD Review Team members to help you identify potential requirements for a specific project. Review Team members provide general advice on your proposed project and possible requirements. A bulleted list of comments shared during the meeting is noted and provided to the applicant. 

Hourly Meeting
 - Focused on a specific area of the code, DCD Review Teams research your area of interest and meet to discuss on an hourly basis. This is an option suited for thoroughly reviewing a specific area of concern. 

Pre-Application Meeting 
- By appointment, this is a customer-scheduled meeting with DCD experts to provide a detailed analysis of your proposed project or issue. Review team members review the proposed project before the meeting, and a detailed meeting summary is provided to the customer after the meeting. 

The three meeting options listed above require the customer to submit a meeting request and the accompanying payment through the DCD Online Permit Center portal. 

#1  Click here to enter the Online Permit Center portal. (blue icon)

#2  Click the Apply Online icon (purple icon)

#3  Use the drop-down menu and then click "meeting" as your desired option  

#4  Next select the type of meeting you would like to set up

Follow the prompts to complete your information and make your payment for the meeting. A request for either of these three options requires payment to be made with the request.

Further Assistance

If you need help beyond the options available here, please visit our Contact page for more options including Kitsap1 information and Live Chat schedules.

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The DCD Review Team is accessible to partner with you toward the success of your projects.