ELDORADO PRELIMINARY PLAT - Permit Number 20-01380

Also Known As Blue Fern Mentor Development

Applicant's Project Narrative and DCD Code-based Narrative: 

Eldorado is a single-family subdivision, creating 500 single family homes over 93.31 acres. Access to the site is available from Eldorado Blve. The creation of the plat will include 6 access points onto Eldorado Blvd. Click To Read More

The DCD Development Process 
(Prior To Construction)

Access a description generated by Kitsap County Code (KCC), describing the process that a development, such as Eldorado Plat/Blue Fern, will go through prior to construction commencing onsite. Click to View

Applicant/Principal Authorized Agent Owner:  

Applicant: Ben Paulus, Chief Executive Officer
Blue Fern Development, 425-629-3854, eldorado@bluefern.com

Principle Authorized Agent: Holli Heavrin, P.E. Associate Engineering Technology Manager
Core Design Inc., O 425.885.7877, M 206.697.9474, www.coredesigninc.com

Blue Fern-Sponsored Virtual Neighborhood Meeting Scheduled. Click here for information.

Public Comment Submittal & DCD Planner Contact Information:

Please email comments concerning Eldorado Plat to the planner email listed below. These comments will be received by the planner and included in the public record for this project. 

If your email message to the planner is a "comment submittal" for the project, please type the words, "Public Comment Submittal for Eldorado Plat," in the subject line of your email.           

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Smart Gov. Portal (SGP)
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Technical Review Comment Letter 7.22.2020

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    Notice of Application/NOA

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA): Click To View 

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DCD Response 


DCD Enters Phase 2. 

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