Mapping Major Development Projects in Kitsap County

The Major Projects map showcases significant development activities in Kitsap County, excluding smaller projects like single-family homes, additions, remodels, use permits without construction, or minor commercial tenant improvements. This map highlights larger development projects likely to attract considerable interest from Kitsap County residents. Examples include major subdivisions, housing developments, and large-scale commercial construction.

Furthermore, this page clarifies the major development activities in the county. It explains the process undertaken to reach construction status, including the public process on applicable projects. Some of the projects listed are subject to a public comment and hearing process; the listing of the projects does not indicate an official decision. Other projects listed are permitted under the code and not subject to the same process. 

Resources to understand the development process include:

The information available on projects includes:

  • Project Rendering and Description
  • Applicant or Authorized Agent
  • Document Submittals
  • Public Notices
  • Dates on Open Comment Periods – typically, written comments are submitted more than 7 days before the public hearing. This allows time for responses to be included in the staff report. The revised staff report is made available 7 days before the hearing. However, comments can still be made during public hearings and up until the official record is closed by the Hearing Examiner.
  • Public Hearing Information, including date, time, and methods of access.


The map below indicates some of the larger developments of public interest in Kitsap County, along with brief descriptions. Click the links to access supporting documents, including detailed project descriptions, images, staff reports, environmental documents, and other relevant items.