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7/16/2018Phase I Burn Ban - Effective Thursday, 12 July 0800

​Phase I Burn Ban - Effective Thursday, 12 July 0800 --


Save 9-1-1 calls for true emergencies! To avoid overwhelming the 9-1-1 system over this year's Fourth of July holiday, Kitsap 911 is encouraging residents to call 360.307.5811 with non-emergency complaints. Read the complete release online.

7/2/2018Non-Emergency Number for the Fourth of July Holiday!

Save 9-1-1 calls for true emergencies! To avoid overwhelming the 9-1-1 system over this year's Fourth of July holiday, Kitsap 911 is encouraging residents to call 360.307.5811 with non-emergency complaints. Read the complete release online.

7/2/2018Non-Emergency Number for the fourth of July Holiday

Save 9-1-1 calls for true emergencies! To avoid overwhelming the 9-1-1 system over this year's Fourth of July holiday, Kitsap 911 is encouraging residents to call 360.307.5811 with non-emergency complaints. Read the complete release online.

6/28/20182018 Comp Plan Comments Page

The Kitsap County Planning Commission is now considering annual amendments to the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan and related amendments to the Kitsap County Code.  Staff reports and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determinations regarding these amendments are available for your consideration.  Written comments will be accepted through 8/7/2018.

The Comprehensive Plan influences the future of our communities - you are encouraged to comment!


​The Washington State Building Code Council adopted section 907.10 of the International Building Code and International Fire Code, National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).

This requirement, effective on July 1, 2018, increases the certifications needed to work on fire alarm system in Washington State. All new and existing fire alarm systems must now be certified, inspected, tested and maintained by NICET II or NICET III certified individuals.

See the adopted code amendment that has all the details of the certifications.

For further information and questions, please contact Kitsap 1 360.337.5777 or help@kitsap1.com.

5/24/2018Director's Interpretation: Kitsap County Code (KCC) 17.570.050(D): Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Use of Structures
2/27/2018Director's Interpretation on Action Services' Industrial Operations in Commercial Zone
1/30/2018New requirements for building permits on lots supplied with well water
1/10/2018Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Applications being accepted for Comprehensive Plan
Amendments to:

Add Forest Resources Lands
Add Mineral Resource Lands
Change Urban Land Use Designations/Zoning

January 9, 2018 - February 6, 2018 (4 PM)


11/30/2017Seats available for the Drainage Sense Pro Workshop 12/8/2017
11/27/2017Online Permitting Training Dates (Dec 2017)
11/27/2017Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process for 2018

​The Board of County Commissioners have opened the annual Comprehensive Plan amendment process for 2018.

Comment opportunity is now open.

Visit our On-line Open House here.

10/20/2017Current Code Updates

The Department of Community Development has compiled a list of ideas for potential code amendments from director's interpretations, hearing examiner decisions, historic notes, and other internal and external sources.  The list of ideas has been sorted into three categories (administrative, minor, and major) based on the anticipated level of effort required to complete the project. The Department is developing a framework to further refine and prioritize the preliminary list of ideas. The framework is intended to be transparent, predictable, and allow for more collaboration among stakeholders throughout the code development process.

10/18/2017Comprehensive Plan

​On October 4, 2017, the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners decided to not review amendments of the Comprehensive Plan for 2017. The Board intends to reconsider the 2017 catalog of suggested amendments when establishing a preliminary docket of Comprehensive Plan amendments for 2018. Check back soon for additional information regarding Kitsap County's 2018 Comprehensive Plan amendment process.

10/13/2017Phase I Burn Ban lifted at 12:01AM Saturday, 14 October 2017
10/10/2017Kitsap County is proud to participate in National Community Planning Month
9/25/2017Phase II burn ban lifted, Phase I burn ban remains
9/14/2017Phase 2 Burn Ban begins September 6, 2017
9/13/2017A two-day Rain Garden workshop

​A two day workshop for industry professional on the design and installation of Rain Gardens...

When:  Thursday and Friday, October 19 & 20, 2017 9AM - 4PM
Where:  Norm Dicks Government Center at 345 6th Street, 1st Floor
             Bremerton, WA

Read the linked flyers for all the registration details...

8/3/2017Stage 1 Burn Ban set

This new ban is in addition to the fire safety burn ban set on July 15, 2017...

7/14/2017Fire Marshal Announces Burning Ban

The Kitsap County Fire Marshal announces the implementation of a Phase One burning ban effective at 12:01 am Saturday 7/15/17

According to Fire Marshal David Lynam "Outdoor burning bans have become common place during summer months and into the fall due to our nice summer weather.  The warm, dry conditions have overcome our wet winter and now much of the material on the forest floor is as dry as the kiln dried lumber we buy in a lumber yard." 

As of Saturday morning, burning permits are suspended and all outdoor burning throughout the county is prohibited except for campfires in designated areas at campgrounds and small recreational fires on residential property.  The prohibition on outdoor burning in Kitsap county is in coordination with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and our neighboring counties including Mason, Pierce, King and Snohomish.

6/7/2017View Our Current Review Statistics

​With the Current Review Statistics visualizations you can:

-Click on a chart area to filter results

-Click again to remove filter

-When you filter one chart it may filter all graphics

-Right Click on a single column to drill down to the data

5/22/2017Setup an Online Permit Center Account

​By following the instructions on the linked document you can quickly have your Online Permit Center Account up and running...Contact us at (360) 337-5777 with any questions.

5/22/2017Director's Interpretation of Sign Code as it relates to Non-commercial signs

​The Director's Interpretation clarifies the Department's enforcement of the Sign Code as it applies to non-commercial signs.

4/5/2017DCD Work Program Implementation

You can now view the department's 2017 Work Program Implementation Plan.

3/7/2017Kitsap County Critical Areas Ordinance Update

Kitsap County is in the process of updating its critical areas regulations. These regulations, known as the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO), are those rules in the County Code (KCC Title 19) that address how various environmental resource and hazard areas are to be managed when using or developing property. Adoption of any amendments are expected by mid-2017.

A full schedule, including public open houses, is available on the County website.

If you would be interested in scheduling a presentation for your organization, please contact Kathlene Barnhart at kbarnhar@co.kitsap.wa.us

For automatic updates on this effort, please sign up for Kitsap County's GovDelivery system.

2/2/2017Residential Improvement Exemption RCW 84.36.400

​If you decide to improve your home, you may be eligible for a three-year property tax exemption on that improvement. Washington State law provides that the Assessor may grant an improvement exemption up to 30% of the current assessed value of your home. For more information go to the Assessor's Residential Improvement Exemption Site.

2/2/2017New Stormwater Regulations Effective December 31, 2016

​Kitsap County’s Department of Community Development is revising development-related codes, and introducing a new stormwater management design manual effective December 31, 2016. The development regulation changes are prompted by the Washington State Department of Ecology requirement to integrate Low Impact Development (LID) principles and best management practices with local development requirements. Follow the links below for details.

Click to view the supporting code document sheet.

2/2/2017Code Enforcement Inspection Priorities

​For more information regarding the inspection priorities for code compliant cases, categories of code compliant activities, as well as anticipated turnaround time for inspection, please see our priority matrix.

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