Required Permit Questionnaires

Below are  Required Permit Questionnaires to begin your online permit process!

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Agriculture Conditional Use Permit/Agriculture Administrative Conditional


Not sure what permit? Try the Commercial Permit Selector

Bed and Breakfast/Boarding House - New, Addition, Replacement

Bulkhead on Waterfront - Commercial

Cell Towers and Antennas - New or Co-Locates

Church and other Religious Building - New, Addition, Repalcement

Certificate of Occupancy Revision, No Work Permit

Certificate of Occupancy Revision, No Work Permit for Food or Drink Processing, Selling, or Consuming

Demolition and/or Removal of a Structure - Commercial 

Detention Tank or Stormwater Vault - New, Addition, Replacement

Espresso Stand - New, Addition, Replacement

Fence Over Seven Feet High - Commercial


Fire/Storm Damage, Same Footprint - Commercial

Hospital or Institutional Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Hotel or Motel Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Industrial/Auto Services Station/Garage Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Mechanical and Plumbing - Commercial

Mini Storage Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Miscellaneous Construction or Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Mixed Use Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Public Works or Public Utility Building

Racking- For Commercial Racks over 5'9"

Re-Roof and/or Re-Siding a Commercial Building

Restaurant Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Retaining Wall - Commercial

Retail Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Revision to a Commercial Permit

​​Sign Permit

Temporary Address for Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

Temporary Building or Business

Tenant Improvement - No work, occupancy only

Tenant Improvement - Major

Tenant Improvement - Minor (Window Replacement, Interior Work, etc.)

Triplex, Quadplex, or Apartment Building - New, Addition, Replacement

Waterfront Structure


Conditional Waiver From View Blockage

Critical Area and Shoreline Buffer Reductions or Variance Request

Flood Hazard Areas Variance

Mooring Buoy Exemption

Open Space

Shoreline Exemption

Shoreline Permits - Shoreline Substantial Development, Shoreline CUP, Shoreline ACUP, Shoreline Variance, and Revisions

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Review - Without an associated permit

Timberharvest - Major or Minor

  Fire Code

Carbon Dioxide Systems

Carnivals and Fairs

Compressed Gases - Construction

Exhibits and Trade Shows

Explosives - Operational

Fire Alarm - Minor Modification to Existing System (No Plan Review)

Fire Alarm - New System or Major Modification

Fire Sprinkler - Minor Modification to Existing System (No Plan Review)

Fire Sprinkler/Underground Fire Line - New System or Major Modification

Fireworks Display

Fireworks Stand

​Fireworks Tent

Flammable and Combustible Liquids - Construction

Flammable and Combustible Liquids - Operational

High Piled Storage

Hot Works Operation

LP Gas - Construction/Operational

Marijuana Extraction Systems - Construction

Marijuana Extraction Systems - Operational

Miscellaneous - Construction

Miscellaneous - Operational

Places of Assembly

Revision to a Fire Permit

Solar Energy Panels - Commercial and Residential

Temporary Membrane Structure (Tent) - Installation and Use

Type 1 Hood and Duct Suppression System

  Home Business

Home Business - Building Application

Home Business - Land Use Application

  Land Subdivisions

Binding Site Plan

Binding Site Plan - Alteration of Recorded Plat

​​Subdivisions - Preliminary (Plat - Preliminary, Large Lot Subdivision - Preliminary, Short Plat Subdivision)

Subdivisions - Amendment to Preliminary (Plat - Preliminary, Large Lot Subdivision - Preliminary, Short Plat Subdivision)

Subdivisions - Final (Plat, Large Lot Subdivision, Short Plat Subdivision)

Subdivisions - Alteration of Recorded Plat (Plat, Large Lot Subdivision, Short Plat Subdivision)

​Vacate a Recorded Plat

  Meetings and Site Visits

Pre-Application Meeting Request

Site Evaluation for CAO, Danger Tree, View Thinning, Zoning, Building, Stormwater

Staff Consultation: No Form needed for Staff Consultation Request, please go directly into theOnline Permit Center.

  Planning and Zoning

Appeal/Objection of an Administrative Decision

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and Administrative Conditional Use Permit (ACUP)

​Conditional Use Permit (CUP) - Revision and Administrative Conditional Use Permit (ACUP) - Revision

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)/Administrative Conditional Use Permit (ACUP) - Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Director's Interpretation - Formal

Legal Lot Determination


Not sure which Residential Permit to select? Try the Residential Permit Selector

​  New Homes

  Remodel, Repair, Addition, or Demolition Projects

Demolition and/or Removal of Structure - Residential

Emergency/Fire/Storm Damage Repair

Foundation - Repair or Replace

  Additional/Accessory Structure - Garage, Shop, Mother in law, ADU, ALQ, Guest House

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Detached from Primary Residence

Accessory Living Quarters (ALQ) Attached or within Primary Residence

Bed & Breakfast House

  Basic Plans (Contractors)

What is a Basic Plan and how do I use it? (Contractors)

Basic - Establish a Basic Plan for 2015 Code Cycle

Basic - Using an Approved Basic Plan - Single Family Residence, Garage/Accessory Structure or Duplex

Revision to a Residential Permit

  Waterfront Projects

Bulkhead on the Waterfront

  Recreational Vehicle (RV)

RV - Snowbird/Seasonal - 3 months

  Miscellaneous Projects

  Road Approach

Road Approach Permit

  Site Development

Site Development Activity Permit - Abbreviated Drainage Review

Site Development Activity Permit - Full Drainage Review

Site Development Activiry Permit - Addendum

  Transitory Housing

Indoor Transitory Accommodation

Large Transitory Accommodation

Safe Park Transitory Accommodation

Single-Family Transitory Accommodation

Small Transitory Accommodation