Risk Check

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Risk Check is Kitsap County's Commercial Occupancy Fire & Life Safety Inspection Program developed by the Kitsap County Fire Marshal's Office. Risk Check is designed to prioritize fire inspections based on the known risks in a specific business or occupancy. Businesses with a higher fire and life safety risk are scheduled for inspection more frequently than those with lower risk. For more information about the program, click here.


Preparing for Inspection

Click here for a list of common corrections you can easily check for.


Request an Inspection

If you received a Risk Check door hanger or would like to request a date and time for your Risk Check Inspection, use the Inspection Request form online. 


Submitting Fire Protection System Confidence Test Reports

Fire protection systems are required to be tested at regular intervals based on the system type. Confidence testing reports are required by Kitsap County Code to be submitted to the Fire Marshal's Office. Submit a fire protection system confidence test report online.

Click here to see the referenced codes and standards for the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems.