Kitsap County Shoreline Master Program Periodic Review 2020-2021

Shoreline Photo by Aaron Bartleson

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is a comprehensive plan that guides the development, conservation, and restoration of Kitsap County's shoreline.

The SMP includes goals, policies, and regulations consistent with the Shoreline Management Act of 1971.

The most recent comprehensive review of the SMP was completed in December 2014, after a five year process. Subsequent periodic review of the SMP is required by the State every eight years.

The purpose and scope of the 2020-2021 periodic review is to:

  • Align the SMP with applicable state laws and guidelines in effect at the time of the review;

  • Assure consistency of the SMP with the County's comprehensive plan and development regulations; and

    • Provide existing code clarifications to improve usability and predictability for applicants and reviewers. 


Kitsap County has launched an online open house to share information about the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Periodic Review process! Explore the site to learn what a Shoreline Master Program is, why it needs to be reviewed, and what the review process looks like. Other key features of the site include opportunities to:

  • Access project resources and documents

  • Read about the proposed amendments

  • Discover upcoming engagement opportunities

Public Participation Plan

The Public Participation Plan describes how the County will encourage early and continuous public participation throughout the process of reviewing the Shoreline Master Program. The Public Participation Plan describes the steps the County will take to provide opportunities for public engagement and public comment.

Click HERE to access the Public Participation Plan.

Monthly Project Updates

Monthly Update Instructions

December 17 Monthly Project Update presentation 

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Proposed Code Amendments

In development

Meeting Dates

​Related Materials
​Board of County Commissioner briefing
​Planning Commission briefing

​Board of County Commissioner briefing
​Planning Commission briefing
​Planning Commission briefing

Consistency Analysis

Scoping Matrix
​Board of County Commissioners briefing
​Executive Summary & Attachments
Board of County Commissioner briefing

Executive Summary & Attachments
​​Planning Commission briefing

Periodic Review Timeline: September 2020 – June 2021

October - December 2020
Timeline Oct, Nov & Dec 2020
  • Develop Public Participation Plan

  • Complete Consistency Analysis Report

  • Engage with key partners and interested parties

  • Online open house kick-off

January - February 2021

Timeline Jan, Feb 2021

  • ​Draft code amendments

  • Study session with Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners

  • Engage with key partners and interested parties

  • Online open house refresh with draft code amendments

March - April 2021

Timeline March, April 2021

  • ​​​Joint Kitsap County Planning Commission and State Department of Ecology public hearing and comment period

  • State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

  • Engage with key partners and interested parties

  • Department responds to public comments

May - June 2021

Timeline May, June 2021

  • ​Submit draft amendments and checklist to Ecology for review

  • Revise documents as needed

  • Board of County Commissioners public hearing and comment period

  • Department responds to public comments

  • Board of County Commissioners review and adoption

  • ​ Submit final draft and checklist to Ecology for final determination

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Kitsap County's Current Shoreline Master Program 

Kitsap County’s shorelines provide valuable habitat for fish and wildlife, economic diversity, and recreational opportunities used by residents of all ages. Shorelines play an important role in enhancing the quality of life for our County’s citizens. Therefore, the purpose of the Master Program is to guide the future development of the shorelines in Kitsap County in a manner consistent with the Shoreline Management Act of 1971, (the "Act.")  The Act and this Program comprise the basic state and county law regulating use of shorelines in the county.

Shoreline Master Program 

(December 24, 2014)

Kitsap County Code Title 22

Shoreline Master Program