Land Use & Building Development Basics


fore You Buy Land, Plan Your Dream Home, or
Begin a Building Project, DCD Invites You to Start Here!AdobeStock_83630801.jpeg

Whether you're putting up a new deck, building your dream home, or clearing trees, DCD
is here to help! If you are a first-timer planning or beginning a land use or building development
project, the 
Start Here! program is designed with you in mind.

DCD is offering a series of basic-level webinars covering several different topics that you'll find helpful to planning and completing your land or building project.
Webinars are listed below. Advance registration is required. 

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If you have questions or need additional information, please contact  
Project Manager, Eugenie Jones-Laughridge,

          START HERE! Webinar Series

3-4:00 pm
​Industry Professionals
You're Invited to the 
Start Here!
Introduction Webinar

Registration Required
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Kitsap County Department of Community Development/DCD is launching a new education and outreach program to assist land use of building development customers. 
We are inviting industry representatives to join us
for a special introductory webinar!
1:00 pm

Building Site Plans

Registration Required.
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​This webinar addresses Building Site Plan submittal standards, provides a big-picture perspective of the submittal/approval process, discusses the submittal requirements checklist, and reviews example
building site plan drawing. ​

1:00 pm

​Clearing, Timber Harvesting, and Tree Removal

Registration Required
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Learn the basics of timber harvest, tree removal,
or clearing within Kitsap County

1:00 pm

Critical Areas

Registration Opens 7/24/21

​ ​
Many properties in Kitsap County contain or are located near critical areas. Attend this webinar for the basics of critical area land use and building development 

1:00 pm

Site Development Activity Permit (SDAP)

Registration Opens 8/28/21

The SDAP is a unique permit that provides a plan that ensures stormwater quantity, infrastructure features, and more. This webinar will give you an understanding of what and how-tos of obtaining your SDAP.
1:00 pm
Stormwater Management

Learn the basics of stormwater management and erosion control measures for your project. 

Additional Webinars Will 
Be Announced 
Please revisit this page
for updates

If you miss a live webinar,
please revisit this page after the
scheduled session to access a link
to the recorded session.


Are You A Land Use or Building
Development Professional?
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Start Here!
webinar, featuring
DCD Assistant Directors Angie Silva
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June 17, 3-4:00pm
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