Before You Buy Land, Plan Your Dream Home, or

Begin a Building Project, DCD Invites You to Start Here!

If you're taking on a project - anything from removing trees to building a new home - the 
Start Here! Educational Program is here to provide basic-level land use and building development project information.

Critical Areas

Pre-Recorded Critical Areas Webinar ~39 min.
Many properties in Kitsap County contain or are located near critical areas. This webinar covers basic information about critical areas.

Community Development Maps

Parcel Search
Critical Areas Video ~ 10 min

Critical Areas Brochure

Development on Environmentally Sensitive Lands

Stormwater Management

Pre-Recorded Webinar ~41 min.

Stormwater Design Manual Webinar ~56 min

Video - Coming Soon
Stormwater Worksheet

Stormwater BMP Infeasibility Worksheet


Timber Harvest & Tree Removal

​Pre-Recorded Webinar ~ 39 min.
Learn the basics of timber harvest, tree removal, or clearing within Kitsap County.

Timber Harvest & Tree Removal Video ~ 7 min

​Permit Options Grid

Tree Removal Activity Locator

Prepare, Apply & Manage

​Pre-Recorded Webinar ~1 hr. 2 min.
We'll cover the basics of considerations and steps to take when developing a Single Family Residence (SFR) project. This webinar will summarize points from previous webinars and incorporate some new information to consider when developing an SFR.

Site Plan Pre-Recorded Webinar ~53 min
This webinar addresses Building Site Plan submittal standards, provides a big-picture perspective of the submittal/approval process, discusses the submittal requirements checklist, and reviews example building site plan drawings.
Site Plan Brochure


Growth Management Act

​Pre-Recorded Webinar ~52 min.
We'll cover the basics of the Growth Management Act, including what it is, how it protects critical areas, your property, and the GMA, and how you can get involved.

Comprehensive Plan Update

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Start Here! Professionals
Start Here! Professionals are building industry professionals
(building contractors, septic designers, realtors, geologists, architects, etc...) who partner with DCD by sharing access to this program's educational resources with their clients. They view or attend an introductory webinar and provide a link to this page on their website.

Click here to view a list of
Start Here! Professionals

If you have questions or need additional information on the Start Here! program please contact
Alicia Adler, Project Manager