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The Department of Community Development (DCD) is currently evaluating Kitsap County Code 18.16
The information contained on this website page reflects pending amendments to that code. These code amendments will take effect in Quarter 1/2021, following a Kitsap County Board of Commissioner's Public Hearing and associated Public Comment Periods.

Please periodically visit the Kitsap County Current Code Update Projects ( webpage and open the tab labeled, "Amendment to KCC 18.16 Timber Harvest" for announcements on hearings, comment periods, and additional amendment information.  


DCD manages timber harvest permit issuance and provides Kitsap County Code compliance oversight for specific timber harvest and tree removal within Kitsap County. Upon Board of Commissioners' approval, DCD additionally anticipates processing Class 4 General Permits, e.g., Site Evaluation Permits and Timber Harvest permits. 

The Department of National Resources (DNR) will continue processing Classes 2 & 3 permits. Please visit DNR online for more information at Forest Practices | WA - DNR.  


Site Evaluation Permit for Danger Tree Removal

The Site Evaluation Permit for Danger Tree can be issued for an existing residential or commercial building structure that is in immediate danger of incurring damage from a fallen tree. The tree that presents the threat is within a tree-length and one-half from the home or structure, and when removed, the wood product would be for personal use. 

Additionally, if the tree is located near a critical area, its removal will require an Arborist Assessment and possibly other additional reports. As you complete your permit application in the Permit Application Portal, you will become aware of such requirements.



The Site Evaluation Permit for Danger Tree Removal is also used when a property owner wishes to install a well or
a utility source before beginning the building site permit application process. 

The tree(s) are targeted for removal to build a home, and the trees are located within 1½ tree-length from the proposed home location. If the trees are located beyond a 1 ½ tree-length from the intended home location, a Kitsap County Timber Harvest Permit (see below) will be required for the removal. 

Additionally, when applying for your Site Evaluation Permit for Danger Tree Removal to erect a new home or structure, it is essential to consider how your project site will manage stormwater. Removing trees before considering how your project site will address stormwater management, and how the absence of those trees can potentially result in increased stormwater management can result in increased project time and costs. 

It is subsequently recommended that Site Evaluation Permit for Danger Tree Removal be completed in tandem with Stormwater Management considerations in order to thoroughly understand how the proposed tree removal will impact stormwater requirements. 

Site Evaluation for Danger 
Tree Harvest

This permit type is required when cutting or removing more than 5,000 board feet (approx. 1½ log trucks) of trees located within a tree length and a half of any habitable structure. The Site Evaluation for Danger Tree Harvest permit provides for the logging, transportation, and sale of logs. This permit is typically selected when the objective is to remove all trees within the 1½ tree lengths of an occupied building. 

This permits always requires
a follow-up inspection 
to evaluate 
re-planting guideline adherence. It is also typically submitted with a Department of National Resources (DNR) Class 2, or class 3, logging permit. 

View Corridor.jpeg

Site Evaluation Permit for View Enhancement
The View Enhancement Site Evaluation Permit is issued when 
the objective is cutting, trimming, or removing trees located within 1½ tree-lengths from the residence to create or maintain a view corridor.

The permit issuance process evaluates the proposed removal to ensure critical area impacts are addressed appropriately.

imber Harvest Permit
The Timber Harvest Permit is issued for two different types of permit levels: Minor and Major. 

Timber Harvest/Minor
 is tree clearing of 5 acres or less, tree clearing for a Single Family Residence (SFR) on one tax account number with no critical areas.

Timber Harvest/Major is tree clearing of more than 5 acres, large scale commercial timber operations, properties with critical areas (including clearing for an SFR).

If your tree removal project meets all of the following conditions, a permit is not required. However, it's important to note that even though a Kitsap County permit may not be necessary, the Department of National Resources (DNR) may require a permit. It is subsequently best to consult DCD Permit Services before removing the trees - even if you believe it meets all the below criteria - to avoid unauthorized removal and possible fines.  

  • There are no critical areas; including Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas;
  • The trees are not required plat or short plat perimeter buffer trees;
  • The trees are near a residence (within one tree length and one-half);
  • Tree removal is for less than 5,000 board feet of timber;
  • A licensed, bonded, and insured tree service will remove the trees as non-merchantable pieces.
  • Stumps are retained, and no grading or earthwork is proposed.



The first step in obtaining your tree removal permit is to review the above permit types and select the option that describes your tree removal scenario. Once you've determined your scenario and permit type, access the Permit Application Portal through our Prepare, Apply, Manage page. 

If you'd like to access detailed instructions or if you'd like further assistance to identify your permit type, please click here to visit DCD Permit Services


If you'd like to access additional information on clearing or moratoriums, please click to visit the DCD Grade, Fill, or Clear Property website page: here.  

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 Logging In My Neighborhood

The Tree Removal Activity Locator located below is a searchable mapping tool that allows 
you to locate and view authorized tree removal permits in Kitsap County.

Updated frequently and searchable by address or zip code, the locator is accessible by clicking the below map.

If you have questions or concerns, please phone Kitsap 1 at 360-337-5777, or by email at

Timber havest map search

Frequently Asked Questions
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Permit Options At-A-Glance
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