Ready to apply for your permit?

The new Permit Application Portal is now available for fire and residential permits. The classic permit application remains an option for all permits and is the only option when applying for any permits outside of fire and residential. If you are applying for a fire or residential permit, you have a choice to use the new Permit Application Portal or you can proceed through the steps below to continue with the classic application process.

Before you start! Not sure what permit or project type? 

To apply follow these steps in order!

Step 1:  Locate 

The first step to the permitting process is to locate your Required Permit Questionnaire to see what you need in order to apply.  See Video (00:31

Step 2:  Fill Out 

Fill out Your Required Permit Questionnaire. See Video (2:00)

These questionnaires have a save function, clickSave Button.JPGat the very bottom of the form and you will receive an email with a link to your questionnaire to resume later.

Once you are finished , clickCreate button.JPGon the next page you may  download your completed questionnaire.  A copy will also be sent to the email account you provide.

​Step 3:  Collect

Collect all required Submittal Items. See Video (1:09)

Review your Required Permit Questionnaire to locate all required submittal items. Have submittal items in required PDF format saved and ready to upload -See Plan and Documents Standards.

Stop sign.png

Not uploading all required permit documents in Step #5 will delay the processing of your project.

Questions? Live Chat with a Permit Technician 9:00 am – 4:00 Monday – Thursday and 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Friday. 

​Step 4:  Apply

Apply and create your permit # by *Logging in to the Online Permit Center. See Video (3:09)

​Step 5:  Upload

Upload all PDF Required Submittal Items to your permit #. See Video (1:57)

Permit processing will only begin once all required documents are submitted.

Step 6:  Receive Confirmation

You will receive an email from a Permit Technician about the processing of your permit. See Video (00:59)

Step 7:  Pay

Pay required fees in the Online Permit Center. See Video (1:00)

What happens next?

Your Permit is now under review with our technical review staff! To check your permit status, visit the Online Permit Center. Once the review is complete you will receive an email that walks you through how to issue your permit, or an email letting you know we need more information to continue the review.