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The Application Services Division is responsible for supporting an array of application systems used by County departments.  The division provides assessment, testing and implementation, and customized program coding.  This group is also responsible for the official County website and the SharePoint server farm.


Highlights from Application Services

Better Communication for the Public

County Commissioner's Agenda's website
Kitsap 24 x 7
Gov Delivery Service, an email notification system for news and events
Social Media – the County has standard operating guidelines for proper use of social media sites including Facebook and Twitter
The new official County website was completed in 2017

Paperless Initiative
Kitsap County has severely reduced paper usage with digital technology (an image) over the last several years. The strategy uses computer technologies to quickly find and organize records. Other documents capture signatures and route information between the legal and law enforcement communities. Our enterprise imaging system and SharePoint services support several applications where paper is no longer produced – a long term cost savings for paper and handling and storage. Among the paperless applications are:

Auditors Recorded Documents
CORA, a records on-line subscription service (a revenue source for the Clerk's Office)
E-Court, manages all electronic Court System Documents
Enterprise Record Management using SharePoint
Opt out of receiving paper tax statements
Treasurer's Cash Transmittal's

Smart Gov

A complete re-design of the Permitting system, the SmartGov application launched in May 2012, was recently moved to the cloud.  The application features a friendly public web-portal for clients to request inspections and the ability to review detailed permit status information. Enhancements include on-line submittals for applications, plan drawings and electronic documents.  Cloud services are replacing traditional on-site hosting of applications and reduce the need for hardware and physical servers.