Now that my address is changing...

Your address has been identified as being problematic. If you no longer have your letter and need more information on this change, please call (360)337-5777.

Below we've provided you with some frequently asked questions and resources to help you through your address change:



When do I start using my new address?

As of the Effective Date inserted in the letter you received from the Department of Community Development. If you need this information, please call (360) 337-5777.


How long will the Post Office (USPS) deliver mail to my old address?

One year from the date of the notification to USPS.  After that mail to the old address is returned to sender. Post both your old and new address on your mail box for six months.

What if I receive my mail through a post office box?

You can continue to receive your mail through a post office box. Emergency responders will use the new address to locate your home or other structure in the case of emergency. You will still need to notify the post office of your new address.  


Who do I need to inform of my address change?

The Department of licensing and anyone you receive mail from including:

• Bank
• Cable/ Dish Provider
• Cell Phone
• Employer
• Family
• Insurance Companies
• Magazines Subscriptions
• Medicaid, WIC, and other Government offices
• Online Purchasing web sites
• Utilities
• Lenders
• Tenants/Renters
• GPS Search Companies (Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc.)


Who does the county inform?

• United states Postal Service
• Local Branch of the United States Postal Service
• County Central Communications (CenCom-911)
• Cascade Natural Gas
• FedEx
• Kitsap County Auditors/Elections
• Kitsap County Road Department
• Kitsap County Mapping
• Kitsap County Treasurer
• Kitsap County Assessor
• Kitsap County Wastewater Division
• Puget Sound Energy
• Local School District
• Local Water District
• Local Fire District


How does this effect emergency response to my residence?

Emergency response systems first take the 911 call, then find the target – your residence, where the emergency responders will get sent. Next Generation 911 requires a higher quality of addressing data to function correctly, which is why some addresses will be getting corrected. If these were left uncorrected it could cause 911 responders to have a harder time finding your residence or business. Or when the responders are directed to an address they may be directed to the completely wrong location, caused by out of sequence addressing or duplicate road names. If they can't find you, they can't help you. In an emergency every minute counts.


Can I appeal my address change?

Yes. This is a land use decision; you have the right to appeal per Kitsap County Code Title 21.04.090 Appeals.
       • There is a fee to submit the appeal (currently $500)
       • To apply for an appeal complete the Appeal Application


Do I need to have a new deed recorded for my home with the new address??

No. the deed to your home is based on the actual property boundaries, not your 911 address.


How to inform Google maps of your address change.

  1. Open google maps and make sure you are signed in.                 5. Click report a data problem.
  2. Zoom in and click where you see the problem.                            6. Follow the instructions to report your issue
  3. In the top left corner, click the main menu                         7. Click Submit.
  4. Click send feedback.




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