Kitsap County Workday User Guides and Processes

Job Aids


Canceling Absence Request

Requesting Absence - Employees

Correcting Absence Request

Human Services Non-Exempt Absence Entry

Human Services Exempt Absence Entry


Changing Beneficiary for a Divorce

Changing Benefits - Employees

Health Savings Account Change Request

Job Info

Changing My Business Title


Viewing Payslips

Direct Deposit - Making Changes


PIP Employee Task - Step 4


Changing Information - Employees

Changing Password - Employees

Set up and Managing Favorites

Set Up Your Homepage Applications


Entering Time From Schedule - NonExempt Employee

Entering Time Daily - Employee

Entering Time From AutoFill - PW NonExempt Employee

Entering Time From Quick Add - Exempt Employees

Entering Time From Schedule - Exempt Employee

Time Entry - PW Non-Exempt Employee

Entering Time Weekly - Employee

DCD Time Entry - Time Entry by Type

Entering Call Back by Phone Time - Public Works

Entering Call Back Time - Public Works

DCD Time Entry - One Off Time Entries

DCD Time Entry for Grant Leave

DCD Mobile Time Entry

Mobile Time Entry

DCD Mobile Time Entry - One Off Time Entries

Time Entry - PW Exempt

Request Work Schedule

Human Services Exempt Time Entry