Open Enrollment FAQs

​  What is Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment (November 1 - 15) is a once-a-year opportunity for benefits-eligible employees to enroll in or make changes to their health plan elections, now completed in Workday. 

Open enrollment elections go into effect the following January 1. This is the only time each year employees can change health benefits, unless they experience a qualifying life event, such as marriage, or the birth of a child. 

  What can I do during open enrollment?

                • Enroll in or change your medical and/or dental coverage

                • Add or remove qualified dependents, including a spouse or state-registered domestic partner to/from your health plan

                • Waive your medical coverage if you are covered by another employer-based group medical insurance, TRICARE, or medicare

                • Enroll or re-enroll in optional pre-tax savings programs such as Flexible Spending  Arrangement (FSA) or the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)

  Do I need to do anything for open enrollment if I am not making changes?

Yes! This is our first year in our new HR system Workday, so it's beneficial for all employees to log into Workday and review health plans, dependents, and beneficiaries. In addition, please confirm that your personal contact information is up to date. 

FSA's do not automatically renew. You must re-enroll again for 2021.

  How can I prepare for open enrollment?

If you are a Kitsap County benefits-eligible employee wishing to make changes to your health plans during the open enrollment period, follow these simple steps to prepare ahead of time:
  • 1. Verify your address in Workday and your dependents address (if different)
  • 2. Prepare dependent verification:  if you are planning to add any dependents, you are required to submit valid verification documents; for a child: birth certificate, for spouse: a marriage license.
  • 3.  Submit any open enrollment or benefit questions to the HR Benefits team email address:  DO NOT INCLUDE personal health information.  Due to COVID-19, we are not holding any benefits fairs, however, HR staff and benefit providers will be available to answer your questions remotely.

  How do I select benefits/make changes during open enrollment?

Beginning on November 1, 2020, you can log into Workday to select your 2021 benefits. In the Workday inbox click on the Open Enrollment task to begin.

 2021 Benefit Rates & Information

​  2021 Plan Rates

  Medical Plan information for most County employees

  Medical plan information for Deputy Sheriff Guild, Lieutenants & Chiefs

  • Aetna
  • Kaiser2021 Kaiser summaries are not available at this time.  Please refer to the 2020 summaries.  There are no plan changes from 2020 to 2021

  Other benefit plan information (dental, vision, life insurance)


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Benefits Staff:


Phone Number: 360.337.7185

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To view your current benefit information and make your open enrollment elections, log into Workday!

 Other resources:

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