The Portable Ramps Project

The Accessibilities Communities Advisory Board has worked for the last year to secure a location that will house portable ramps which will be available to the community for public and private use, free of charge. The ARC of Kitsap and Jefferson County will​ house and manage the ramps.  The ACAC has received the final approval from the ARC to move forward. The Project Proposal will now be sent to the Governor's office for funding. Updates will be provided here.


Milestone Chart Milestones


Time [days, weeks months]

The Kitsap County Accessible Communities Advisory Committee established formally

DougWashburn sends formal approval from Kitsap County Commissioners to Governor’s office

Completed in February 2017

Governor accepts the County’s Assurance letter

Completed in April 2017

Kitsap County makes the decision that they cannot legally manage the ramps

Committee responsible for reaching out to various community entities to secure a program or company willing to house and manage the ramps

2 months

Reach out to The ARC of Kitsap and Jefferson Counties

Hannah Shockley

Completed in July 2017

Chris Tibbs from The ARC agrees to review a project proposal

Hannah Shockley, Marsha Cutting, and Charlotte Shepherdson responsible for research on like companies

Completed in October 2017

Project Proposal sent for review to Chris Tibbs at the ARC

Hannah Shockley

Completed in November 2017

Review of Project Proposal completed by Chris Tibbs, CEO and Executive Director of the ARC and by the ARC’s lawyers. Approval to move forward was granted

Chris Tibbs and the ARC’s lawyers

Completed in January 2018

Research on ramps to purchase


Completed in March 2018

Approval by the Governor’s office


May 2018

Ramps available for community use

Feedback from the Governors Committee

August 22

Resubmitted the proposal with revisions

November 14

Quarterly updates on the Portable Ramps Program

Hannah Shockley and Chris Tibbs with Committee review


Contact Us

Marsha Cutting, Chair

Hannah Shockley, Supervisor,
Kitsap County
Department of Human Services

: (360) 337-7185 X 3530