Business Sticker Project​

To provide businesses with a reusable, removable, cling sticker that will assist people with severe mobility impairments, to have easy access to these businesses. This simple, no-cost to the business, is a way of offering a readily available phone number, that can have a great impact for people with disabilities. It allows them to call the business and request the door be opened for them, versus the alternative of waiting in the elements for a passerby willing to assist. It can be placed on an outside window near the front door (or the door itself) displaying a phone number for those with severe mobility impairments to call for help opening the door. 

Even with the use of electronic doors, people who are paralyzed, have muscle weakness caused by diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or have congenital conditions such as Cerebral Palsy may need assistance. Those with significant disabilities are highly likely to have a cell phone, as the technology enables independence that is otherwise elusive. Imagine, not being able to open the door to your favorite coffee shop, in the pouring rain, as you wait until someone notices you and is willing to open the door. 
The businesses phone number can be applied by a sharpie marker and reapplied if a phone number changes. If a sticker becomes faded, a free replacement can be obtained from all Chamber of Commerce in Kitsap County. 


Milestone ChartResponsibilityTime[days, weeks, months]


Obtaining quotes for getting stickers printed





Marsha Cutting


February 2018



Decision to focus on Chamber of Commerce as the distributors of the stickers to businesses






Bainbridge (Marsha)

Port Orchard (Charlotte)

Silverdale (Deanna)

Bremerton (J.R.)


May 2018




Revisions to the proposal







Whole Committee


September 2018



Committee contacts at the various Chamber of Commerce in Kitsap County, the contacts will be placed in the proposal

Marsha -Bainbridge, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston

Charlotte-Port Orchard, Bremerton, Port Gamble



October 2018







Items required to complete the proposal identified; Letter of Intent and education piece for businesses, success criteria, addressing concerns, updated invoice





Hannah writes the letter, Committee revises



October 2018 – November 2018




Prepare and send proposal






February 2019


Proposal approval






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Hannah Shockley, Supervisor,
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